Since its inception in 1986, the PAAMA has always endeavoured in activities and initiatives aimed at fulfilling its core objectives of inculcating moral and spiritual values as well as service to humanity. Over the years, the Association has organised religious and secular events aimed at fulfilling its commitment to service to humanity.


In this vein, during the holy month of Ramadhan PAAMA undertakes fundraising campaigns to deliver social welfare projects in Africa in partnership with international charity organisation, Humanity First: the Water for Life project geared towards the provision of clean drinking water to deprived parts of Africa and the Gift of Sight project which aims at curtailing visual disability in the continent.


It goes without saying that the lack of requisite needs in most parts of Africa continues to take its toll on the health and social wellbeing of its people. The lack of access to pipe borne water supply or clean drinking water is one of such major problems. It is likewise disheartening that millions of Africans lose out on the beauty of living prosperous lives due to very avertible circumstances.


Ramadhan ‘Water for Life’ Appeal 2015

Ramadhan ‘Gift of Sight’ Appeal 2015

Ramadhan ‘Water for Life’ Appeal 2014


PAAMA is a member of the End Water Poverty coalition.