PAAMA Youth Residential Weekend Registration


Dear Parent/Guardian,


Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh


I hope and pray you are doing well by Allah’s grace.


The world we live in, is continuously becoming more complex and challenging for both parents and young generation. It is vital that our youth are given a platform to express themselves, share ideas, learn the guiding principles of their faith and have their issues addressed.


By the sheer grace of Allah, PAAMA UK will hold our first PAAMA Youth Residential Weekend for boys at the end of this month at Birmingham, Darul Barakat mosque. The 3-day event for boys between the ages of 10-30, will include open discussions, wide ranging talks, career guidance, tours, night campfire (BBQ), sports and games.


More information regarding residential weekend pertaining to issues like transport and registration will insha’Allah be communicated in due course.


For information about residential weekend, kindly contact PAAMA Regional presidents, Regional Atfal Secretaries or Jamil Mwanje on 07832686836.


I humbly request for your prayers for Allah to bless our event.




Jamil Mwanje.

Residential Weekend Chairman