After reciting the Tashahhud, Ta’uz, and Sura Fatihah Hazrat Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen (aba) said that from time to time he narrates faith-inspiring accounts of people’s conversions to Ahmadiyyat, or their extraordinary spiritual experiences after accepting Ahmadiyyat. People express that he should continue narrating such incidents as they they are absorbing and useful for children. Others who are engrossed in this world do not pay any attention to Allah or the teachings of the Promised Messiah neglecting their duties. Such people raise objections as to why the faith inspiring incidents take place only in Africa and not in Europe. First of all people in Europe do have such experiences. Allah the Almighty displays signs to those in the Western world who are interested in religion. Also there are people who do not take baiat, but are impressed by Ahmadiyyat. Numerous of such accounts exist which I relate after my tours or after Jalsas. The key point to bear in mind here is that Allah the Almighty guides those who try to find Him for His sake. God does not care for people who are materialistic and have no inclination towards God.
History of prophets also tells us that generally it is the poor and weak who are interested in religion and accept the prophets. Materialistic people are afflicted with arrogance and pride and lack the perception and insight to give any heed to religion. The majority of the people of Europe or the developed Western countries have become Atheists. When they have completely turned away from Allah the Almighty, how will Allah the Almighty turn to them and give them guidance? Depicting the image of worldly people the Promised Messiah (as) has likened such people to cattle who only graze fodder but are no good at thee work they are supposed to do. Such animals are useless and are gotten rid of. Allah is not concerned about such people. Allah the Almighty cares for those who bow towards and seek guidance from Him. God Almighty says whosever struggles in His cause, He opens His paths for such a person.
Huzur said that the faith inspiring accounts are of people who constantly make an effort to seek the right path. There are others upon whom descends the special grace of Allah the Almighty due to some act of virtue and then are shown the right path by Him.
Huzur then went on to narrate some of the incidents:
One of our Missionaries went to preach in a village in Burkina Faso and initially only an elderly lady converted from that village. Our Mosque is 15 Kilometers from that village and there is a stream of flood water in the middle due to which it was difficult to reach the mosque. This elderly lady used to go for Friday Prayers every week but due to the floodwater, she would offer her Friday Prayers at the bank of the stream by herself. The Missionary came to know of this a month later. He mentioned this incident and the level of faith of this woman to the people of the village and 130 people converted.
Talking about people who become Ahmadis through dreams, huzur narrated the incidence from France of a lady, Asiya Sahiba. She says she accepted Ahmadiyyat through accidentally listening to the robust arguments about the death of Jesus Christ through the Arabic programme Hawar ul Mubashir on MTA. This reminded her of her dream in which she was about to fall in a well when some white birds saved her. She read Jamaat literature and became convinced that the Promised Messiah was the great leader of Islam. She also performed Istikhara and was guided towards Ahmadiyyat. Another lady from Turkey says that she had been introduced to Ahmadiyyat in 2010 after listening to the MTA programme Hawar. Later she accepted Ahmadiyyat when Abdul Qadir Auday went to Turkey followed by my daughters and daughter in law.
Missionary in Benin says that when he went to preach in a village, he was asked to return on the Friday. On that day he explained the meaning of Sura Al Fatiha and arguments about the coming of Imam Mahdi after which many people accepted Ahmadiyyat as they had never heard such beautiful explanation. The local maulvi tried his best but could not stop the accepting of Ahmadiyyat by many people. Similarly jamaat was established in another area as a result of leaflet distribution. Opposition by the local Sunni Maulvis did not stop the local population from accepting the message of Ahmadiyyat. Plans for building a mosque are underway.
In another area where our missionary established jamaat, the local maulvi tried to evict jamaat from the mosque, but when he was unsuccessful I that, he built a mosque opposite to ours and said that the Ahmadiyya mosque will soon be nothing more than a storage place. However, people kept growing in the Ahmadiyya mosque, while only and his family offer namaz in his mosque with average attendance of 200 to 250 at Friday prayers.
Missionary of Benin writes that 200 people converted in a village. The daughter of the president in that village became sick and everyone had given up hope. She could not move or speak. The Missionary told the people to pray and also wrote to me for prayers and by the Grace of Allah, the girl was fine only a day after.
In Burkina Faso when the missionary went to a village, the elders said that there had been conversions to Ahmadiyyat in the past through the efforts of our previous missionary. He invited them to convey the message again so that the whole village converts. He also praised the perseverance of jamaat, saying it was a proof of Jamaat’s truth. It is Allah’s grace upon these people that their hearts are accepting the message of truth. This is because they are serious about their religion.
Huzur narrated an incident from India, where a family was subjected to severe persecution, making them leave their home and going to another city. The opponents followed them in the new city as well, which led to a complete social boycott. Some time later a bus full of the opponents of Ahmadiyyat was crushed by a train. This led to the local people realising the error of their ways.
The missionary of Kosovo writes that there was a well known scholar who was the Imam of the grand mosque and a professor of Islamic Studies in the university. He had said provocative things about the promised Messiah (AS). This man was removed from office and was accused of having bad character, he was arrested by the police on various charges including providing shelter to terrorists and his involvement in illegal money.
Oppression of Ahmadis in India is such that when an Ahmadi’s child died, the opponents did not let him bury his son in the graveyard when he passed away. He buried his son in his own backyard.
In Ivory Coast an Ahmadi was threatened to be killed by his own brothers upon accepting Ahmadiyyat ‘as per the Islamic Shariah’. However, he remained steadfast.
Huzur then narrated an incidence regarding the effects of his Friday sermons. Ameer sahib France writes that a new convert who lived in Mayotte Island before accepting Ahmadiyyat. The Imam of the mosque used to play huzur’s Friday sermons. In one of these sermons, Huzur (aba) mentioned the death of Jesus (as) , which had a profound impact on him. He then found the French translation of the actual sermon delivered by Huzur about Prophet Jesus (as). He then became an Ahmadi. Later that imam also took baiat along with seventy people.
Regarding the impact of books on non-Muslims, a new Ahmadi from Congo Brazzaville writes that while visiting his brother he came across a book called “The True Story of Jesus (as) that he borrowed. It opened his eyes and he took baiat after reading it again and confirming the references with the Bible. His brother guided him to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and took him to the Jalsa of Germany Jamaat as well. Huzur also narrated the incidence of a man whose quality of prayers changed after reading the explanation of Surah Al Fatiha by the Promised Messiah.
About new converts’ spiritual progression, huzur said missionary from Kosovo writes “New converts to Ahmadiyyat are advancing in sincerity and sacrifice on a daily basis. One such man serves jamaat day and night and is always willing to sacrifice his time and does Waqf-e-Aarzi visiting neighbouring country. Many new tabligh contacts have been established through him. Once he took part in a Tabligh event despite being severely sick. He had to go home in the middle of it due to weakness but stubbornly returned to the program saying ‘it is Tablighi program andheI must take part in it. Another new Ahmadi stopped using foul language and consuming Alcohol when he accepted Ahmadiyyat. Another new Ahmadi from Burkina Faso writes that there was in a lot of hardship and his children used to die in a young age. When he joined the community, God Almighty removed all his hardships and also granted him with healthy children. When asked by the maulvis , he said that he was very content. He was also given children that survived.
Talking about the benefits of the Radio, huzur said that a missionary from Benin wrote to him telling him that a Christian gentleman rang into the radio program and asked about the second coming of prophet Jesus (as). He was convinced that the Ahmadiyya view point was correct and accepted Ahmadiyyat.
The missionary from Bolivia writes that he wanted to learn more about Jahova’s witnesses and set up a meeting with their priest. When they met, started asking questions about Islam and Ahmadiyyat. The missionary informed him and invited him to attend the Friday Prayers He was worried about the opposition in his family and his job. But after reading further Arabic material online he felt he had found the truth he had been searching for and joined the community after one of the Friday Prayer services.
Whether a person performs the bai’at or not, the message of Ahmadiyyat certainly influences other people. Kamran Mubashar Sahib from Australia writes about an Australian man who was initially very hostile about all Muslims and the message of Islam, he was informed about jamaat’s motto of Love for all, hatred for none, he mellowed down and even came to the mission house later.
Huzur said that the asylum seekers should spend time in Tabligh. One such asylum seeker was helped when the judge happened to be from the area where an asylum seeker had distributed leaflets.
Huzur said that in the UK people are aware of the Ahmadiyya community, so our youth isn’t shy anymore. However, in some places this is not the case. Huzur told of a tablighi event in Australia in which Khuddam were told to wear T-shirts bearing information of the Jamaat and then to preach the message to the public. One khadim felt embarrassed by wearing T-shirts with the name of the Jamaat. But that T shirt became the very reason people began to take pictures with khuddam and the message of Islam was propagated.
Allah the Almighty revealed the following words to the Promised Messiah (as): The time is near when you will be helped and your name will be exalted among people.He first received this revelation in 1883. The Promised Messiah (as) says “Can this work be carried out or enacted by a mere human? Absolutely not! Only Allah Almighty can do such a thing that first He informs about an event, only He has knowledge of the unseen, and only He can reveal any news.” The Promised Messiah (as) says “This sign is fulfilled every single day” that people are being introduced to the Promised Messiah and people are taking his Oath of Allegiance. He also said “Allah Almighty gives the glad-tiding that ‘A time will come for you when you will become well known in the world.”This is taking place at this time. We are witnessing this today. By the grace of Allah Almighty, the name of the Promised Messiah (as), the name of the Jama’at, the name of Islam are all spreading in the world. A voice that was raised from a far off land has reached countless countries of the world. It has reached 210 countries worldwide.
With reference to the number of countries in the world, huzur explained that only about 190 to 195 countries of the world are members of the UN. However, the total number of countries in the world is approximately 220.
May Allah Almighty enable us to spread this message, the message that Allah Almighty has instructed us to spread through the Promised Messiah (as).