Today’s Friday sermon was delivered by Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his Helper) from Ba’itus Subooh, Frankfurt, Germany. After Tashahhud and Surah Fatihah he said that by the Grace of Allah the Jalsa Salana of Juma’at Ahmadiyya Germany completed its three full of programs days and ended on last Sunday. He said efforts are made throughout the year to prepare for the Jalsa Salana. Hundreds of workers start their work few days earlier but ones Jalsa starts it looks like that it ended suddenly. Three days pass in a blink of an eye. People living abroad may think that here Jalsa is conducted in huge constructed hall. They get everything readymade so what efforts volunteers may have to do? Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that despite of this that they have huge halls but still there are some efforts to be made and those may need a real hard work also. Despite of the huge halls it needs to arrange for sleeping, cooking, and serving food. And then there are many other temporary arrangements needs to be arranged. All these arrangements are done outside the main building and marquees are also erected. Then inside the halls seating arrangements, sound systems and many more things needs to be arranged which are done by volunteers mostly from Khuddam, some from Ansar and Lajna also. Then during the Jalsa days, cooking, serving food, cleaning, parking, security, checking in, and MTA who arrange and telecast many programs along with the Jalsa proceedings are arranged. All these things are done by the volunteers among them are men, women, youths, girls, and children also. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that all these volunteers deserve the prayers especially of the Jalsa participants and generally from all the Ahmadies living anywhere in the world that Allah the Exalted thru His volunteers made it possible to participating, listening, and watching the proceedings of the Jalsa. Thus all these volunteers deserve thankfulness from all of us. May Allah reward them all abundantly. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said I also say thank you to all those who made this event successful in every sense and got the chance to serve the guests of Promised Messiah (peace be on him) with fullest of their abilities. May Allah the Exalted give them ability to serve even in a better way in the future. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that on one side this Jalsa become the source for our training, especially the training of the Jalsa participants and generally of those who watch it on MTA. On the other side it becomes the source of spreading the message to those non Ahmadies and non Muslims who attend the Jalsa and others who are in contact with Juma’at or watch MTA. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that many Ahmadies express that their relationship with non Ahmadies and non Muslims have become stronger due to the Jalsa and many of them have come closer to the Juma’at and their attention has diverted to know the Juma’at.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that Jalsa environment impress some non Ahmadies and non Muslim Jalsa participants that they took the Ba’it and entered into Ahmadiyyat true Islam. Thus there are innumerable blessings of the Jalsa which are evident and expressed in every Jalsa from all the countries. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that Jalsa Germany also created many such impressions on visitors and I will narrate some of them here. From last few years Ba’it program is added to the Jalsa Salana Germany also. This year people from 14 countries 83 men and women took Ba’it and entered into Ahmadiyyat true Islam. There are some of them whose heart inclined towards Ahamdiyyat due to the Jalsa proceedings, environment and the good conduct and behavior of the Ahamdies. Ibrabim Musaib a Bosnian said, “Ahmadiyyat is a real truth which is on the precepts of the Holy Quran. The Friday sermons of the Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) and the speeches impressed me and I got answers of all the questions. My heart got full satisfaction and I took Ba’it and entered in the Ahmadiyyat. I wanted to be Khalifatul Masih’s servant and wish to be near to him. I am impressed by the organization, love, and peace.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that another friend of Juma’at Mr. Riaz who is from Iraq and lives here said, “I was introduced to Juma’at by an Ahmadi. I attended two meetings in Jamea Ahmadiyya with my family in Arab’s meetings. There I got introduction to Juma’at’s beliefs thru local Missionary. Those beliefs were new to me and were based on truth and touched my heart. Then I attended Jalsa Salana where I was astonished to see the best organization, spirit of service, human values, brotherhood and fraternity among the people from different nations. I think this can’t be seen anywhere else other than her in Ahmadiyyat. Here I saw love everywhere. The sermons of the Caliph reflect the heartfelt emotion. I declare on the oath that the true picture of Islam is here and nowhere else with any other sect of Islam. After seeing all that my family and I had no hesitation in accepting Ahmadiyyat. And when we came back to our relative and told them that we have accepted Ahmadiyyat. On that they said that why you did not take us with you we also want to experience these beauties and join this Juma’at.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said then there is another friend of Juma’at Mr. Salman who said, “I was introduced to Ahmadiyyat by an Ahamdi and I was very impressed by his morality. So I wanted to know more about the Juma’at and for that I attended the Jalsa and the environment of the Jalsa impressed me very much. I have never seen such a coordinated gathering in my life. I have not seen such morality of the people their dealing and conduct and environment of love and respect anywhere else. All these beauties are only seen in Ahmadiyyat and due to that I announce my acceptance of Ahmadiyyat today.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that thus he took Ba’it and entered into Ahamdiyyat.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said Ahmadi should be exemplary in morality and good moral conduct because this becomes the reason for propagation. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that there was another Bosnian Mr. Byran, he said, “this is the first time I attended the Jalsa Salana and experienced Ahmadiyyat and got introduction of the Juma’at. This Juma’at is true Juma’at which is on the precept of straight path. When I listen directly from the Caliph I decided to take Ba’it.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said this is how he took Ba’it and entered the Juma’at. Mr. Byran further said, “now I consider myself lucky that the Caliph made me near to him with his words. Now I am part of the Juma’at and I promise that I will spread this message further.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said then there was a guest from Belgium Mr. Ghrio he said, “I have never seen such grandeur gathering, a spiritual gathering and it looks like that we know each other from a long time. First I took Ba’it thru a letter but today due to eagerness and fear my heart beat has increased in my chest. I will say this to all Muslims that this is a true Islam enter into Ahmadiyyat true Islam. It is unbelievable for me that I am in front of Caliph for taking Ba’it. I remember from the age 14 I used to hear a Hadith from molves that Mehdi Almuntazar will descend, today my desire is fulfilled and I saw all that with my own eyes.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that Jalsa become a silent source for propagation or environment become the source of propagation also. Speeches become the source of propagation and affect the hearts of the people. Thus all our actions and not only speeches should be such that they touch others hearts. All Ahmadies should make their actions such that it should affect others. And it should not be done just to show it to others but in reality all our actions should be a resonance of our heart and beliefs.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said the European people who attend our Jalsa they are impressed by our Jalasa. Some of them may not accept Ahmadiyyat but they take good impression. Rather some of them become ambassador of the Juma’at and spread the message also. This year many delegations came from many different countries. Among those there were delegations from Lithuania, Macedonia, Latvia, Malta, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Romania, Belgium, Croatia, and Hungary. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that delegations had meetings with me also. A woman Named Ms. Maria who came from Lithuania she was project manager in a legal accountancy firm she said, “attending this Jalsa is a good experience of my life. For my work I often meet with Muslims from Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Dubai. My friends always tell me that Islam is a religion of terrorism. But after attending this Jalsa I am forced to believe that Muslims are very good people and help each others. During Jalsa days I felt as if I am living in my own home. So when I will go back I will change the opinion of my friends.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that then there was a guest from Lithuania and was foreign minister of one region of Lithuania he said, “it is a great gathering and it has changed my thoughts about Islam forever. Before this I did not have much information about Juma’at Ahmadiyya. People of this Juma’at are very hospitable and loving. In the exhibition I liked the idea of writing the Holy Quran by different people. It gave me very good feeling to see people from different countries gathered at one place.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said a guest from Belgium who was originally from Morocco said, “my father Abdulqadir accepted Ahmadiyyat during Jalsa Salana UK and he brought me here to attend Jalsa Garmany. This is the first time I have attended any Jalsa and as a youth I say to all youths that they must attend Jalsa Salana because it has increased me in spirituality and I feel very good. We youth when walk on the road hardly anyone say Salam to us but in the Jalsa everyone was conveying Salam to each other and it was very impressive. I am thankful to Allah the Exalted that he gave me chance to attend such spiritual gathering. When first I reached here I was thinking what I will be doing her for three days? But when I took part in the Jalsa proceeding and saw the brotherhood and loving and caring I lost the count of time and on the third day I took Ba’it.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said Mr. Tony from Macedonian who is a Christian and is a friend of the Juma’at said, “I am a journalist and have attended Jalsa Salana UK and Germany. Last year for the first time when I attended Jalsa Salana UK I was very impressed that a lot of people attending a large gathering and all the arrangements were smoothly running. Everybody was disciplined they were respectful to each other. First I thought that it is by chance or in fact it is happening. I was confused or maybe I was dreaming. This Jalsa is great gathering of people. Then in August I attended Jalsa Salana Germany and I believed that the arrangements of the Jalsa are perfect. He further said I am 52 years old and I have never seen such an organized gathering. I did not see any weakness neither in UK nor in Germany.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that journalist see things very minutely but it is the beauty of Ahamdiyyat that he saw the same thing everywhere. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that then there was an other non Ahamadi Muslim journalist guest who said, “I am very impressed by the arrangements of Jalsa. When I accepted the invitation for the Jalsa Salana I did not realize that it will be such a successful gathering. During the Jalsa many things had left a very positive impact on me. It is the first time in my life that I have seen so many people gathered at one place and they are all civilized nobody had any hatred or anger on his face or to consider other inferior. All people behaved very nicely with me. The speeches from the Caliph were very powerful and were touching people’s hearts. I was surprised to see high standards of cleanliness. Despite of being such a huge gathering the toilets were clean all the time. I am accompanied by a Christian friend who was impressed from the very moment he came here. As I am writing my comments my Christian friend is reading books about Islam. This is how he is knowing about Juma’at and also listening the poem which was sung at Jalsa.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that as I mentioned earlier the Jalsa is a source of silent propagation. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a friend from Bosnia named Dr. Adil said, “all the programs and arrangements of the Jalsa were unique. As a doctor for last 25 years I had attended many programs but I had never seen such arrangements and discipline anywhere else. The basis of Islam is obedience and discipline and this is what he had seen here in this Jalsa.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a guest named Mr. Daniel said, “this Jalsa was a source of life for thousands of spiritually dead. And among those spiritually dead people I am the one who by attending this Jalsa got a spiritual life once again. Though I was in this Juma’at for last many years but I have never felt that spiritual warmth in my heart what I had felt this time and now I had got a new spiritual life.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that there was a non Ahamdi guest from moulves who said, “I had been listening about Jalsa but had never got chance to attend. This year after attending Jalsa I have a strange feeling which is difficult to explain and feel that I have changed from inside.”
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that some people come to test Ahmadies. One such person Mr. Ammar who was Syrian lives here in Germany said, “I am a staunch opponent of Juma’at and came here to attend Jalsa to find weaknesses of the Juma’at so as to defame the Juma’at. For that I had left my cell phone intentionally on a table for 3 days but nobody had stolen it. I had minutely checked everything and people but had not found any weakness and now I am forced to change my opinion about this Juma’at.”
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that it is not valid to test people in this way as some time people get a temptation. But now we know that some people come with bad intention so all the Ahmadies should be very careful.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a guest from Syria Mr. Ali said, “I was introduced to Juma’at by an Arab Ahmadi and had attended a Juma’at meeting also where a very detailed discussion took place and I got some level of satisfaction there. I attended the Jalsa Germany with family and was astonished to see the organization of the Juma’at and spiritual environment of the Jalsa. It was a great opportunity that I was spending time with you. I am thankful for the hospitality, brotherhood, and welcoming the guests, and sacrificing nights by the volunteers for the service of the guests. Most certainly Juma’at Ahamdiyya is a Muslim Juma’at and exhibit the most beautiful teachings of the Islam and show its beauties to others. It is our duty that thru research and pondering we expound its beauty on others.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a new convert from Romania said, “I am impressed by the organization of the Jalsa, all the arrangements are exact and everything seems to be measured, it is difficult to say that any of the arrangements has a weakness or a defect. It requires a hard work, experience and years of planning to arrange perfectly for such a huge gathering. He said that little children after serving water with a smile on their face go dance with joy as if they have found their lost precious thing. Anyhow every worker was lost in joy for serving the guests. I am a new convert and attending the Jalsa for the first time. The first lesson that I have learnt from the air port to the end of the Jalsa is service, love, and cheerfulness should be adapted.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that then he joined the Ba’it also and further said, “it was a very joyous moment which is difficult to explain in words, my heart felt a special feeling. During bait I felt a magnetic field around us which raised all my body hairs and I felt as if we are encircled by an absorbing attraction. It was not less than a dream for me.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that there was another guest from Kosovo he said, “I have heard from many people about Jalsa but thanks to God that I am here and now I am an eye witness of these things. The organization and discipline, the virtue of morality, and strong system of the Juma’at I have observed.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that he had asked me a question, “what is the secret of the strength of the Juma’at?” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that I answered him that this Juma’at is not created by any person. Rather it is created according the prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and according to the promise of Allah the Exalted in which it was said that there will be a time when Promised Messiah (peace be on him) will appear and he will create a Juma’at. Thus this Juma’at is created by Allah that is why you see all these things. This Juma’at which is created by Allah the Exalted through Promised Messiah (peace be on him) it has woven the members of the Juma’at and the Caliph in an array and had created such system which is developing and spreading under the Blessings of Allah the Exalted. Had it been created by human it would have been destroyed for long time as for last 125 years many attempts were made to destroy it. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a big delegation comprised of 76 people came from Bulgaria. Only 25 were Ahmadies and rest of people were non Ahmadies. Among them there were Doctors, businessmen, retired high military officials, teachers and other educated people also. One of the lady guest Ms. Megda said that in European countries many people are migrating from other countries and local people hate them and an uneasy situation is being created. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that she referred to Hazoor’s guidance and said that your (Huzoor’s) guidance provide contentment of the hearts and is a solution to all the troubles in this regards. She said similarly she was very impressed from the guidance I (Hazoor) have provided about the rights and responsibilities of women and men. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that it demands more from us when others get impressed and that demand is that we should understand our responsibilities more than before and it should be substantiated by our action also. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said one of the guest said, “this is the first time I have attended Jalsa and I have learned something from each speech especially Hazoor’s speech on the women’s side impressed me a lot and that he (Hazoor) painted a beautiful picture of Islam in his speech which is much needed today.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said there was a delegation from Malta also and there was a Nigerian doctor among them who said, “to understand Islam many years before I did a six month course about Islam. After this course I felt that Islam is the only place where I can go but the actions of some Muslims blemishing the beautiful image of Islam which worried me. But Juma’at Ahamdiyya is the only Muslim organization who not only talks about Islam but acts upon the beautiful teaching of the Islam also. If all other Muslims accept the definition of Jihad which Juma’at Ahmadiyya do then the world will become the cradle of peace and love and brotherhood will prevail. Juma’at Ahmadiyya believes that God is Rabul Aalameen and do not restrict God only to Muslims and this is what brought me nearer to Juma’at Ahmadiyya. Those people who say that God used to speak and does not speak now are wrong and Ahmadiyyat is on the right who proclaim that Allah the Exalted talks to His servants today also. I attended the Jalsa Salana to find answers to my question about Islam and after attending the Jalsa and listening Hazoor’s speech and especially 2ndday’s speech to non Muslims I can say that I got the answers of my questions. The definition of the jihad which Juma’at Ahmadiyya do must be printed in the form of a book and should be read by the non Ahmadi Muslims and similarly non Muslims should be informed about the reality of Jihad. Now I will spread the message to the people of Malta and will inform them that the real Islam is with Juma’at Ahmadiyya and Islam is the message of peace. Now we will collaborate with Ahmadies and spread the message of Ahmadiyyat.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said three Christian women from Malta also attended the Jalsa. At the end of the 2nd day they told our Missionary in charge that today you put us with women on the women side there we enjoyed much more freely and more confidently and it is our desire to spend rest of the Jalsa time on the women’s side. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said thus it is a lesson for those Ahamdi girls who under the influence of European culture say that there should be no segregation between men and women and they all should sit at the same place and they have polluted the thinking of many young men.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said a lawyer from Latvia commented, “it is the first time I got the chance to attend Jalsa. Before this I did not have much information about the Juma’at. But during these days I have learned a lot about Islam. I have never seen in my life more loving, caring, and helping people than you. Attending the Jalsa is an honor for me. I will rethink about myself when I will go back. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said a woman guest commented, “in the Jalsa Salana Germany the speech about the women’s rights and the benevolence of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had left a great impression on me and now I can say that women has a great status in Islam. After listening 2nd day’s speech I was very happy and was astonished that how beautifully Islam has created a balance for women and between men and women and has explained their rights also. From this speech my knowledge about Islam has increased many folds. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a non Ahmadi guest form Belgium who is originally from Senegal commented, “I have attended many meetings and programs of non Ahmadis but the system which I have seen here have not seen anywhere else.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) says that he mentioned an incident which took place in Jalsa Gah. He said, “a person fell from chair and all the workers in the Jalsa Gah rushed towards him to help him as if he was the most important person. Seeing this I thought that here everyone gets full attention and respect and everyone is treated equal – for me it was a testimony that this is the revival of Islam. At present it is the Juma’at Ahmadiyya who is acting upon the teachings of true Islam.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said then he further commented, “I want to testify another thing also that in Europe mostly Police guards all events or Police and local guards are evidently visible everywhere during the events. During these three days despite of this that there were forty thousand people gathered here but there was no hue and cry or any bad incident took place nor there was any presence of the Police. I even do not know the color of the dress of the local Police. It is evident from this that Ahmadiyyat understood the true teachings of Islam and is acting on it and that is why the environment of the Jalsa is peaceful.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said a lady guest from Lithuania commented, “in my country Lithuania there is a saying that always learn, learn, and once more learn. In these three days I have learned a lot about Islam and I have got the sense that Islam put special focus on the human rights. On my return I will spread the message of Islam to others. Moreover I am thankful to you that due to Jalsa I feel a big change in myself. My best wishes are with you and I hope that I will come again to attend Jalsa.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said then there was a guest who was an accountant he commented, “Jalsa Salana has generated a love in my heart for the Muslims that they want peace and not war. ISIS does not paint correct picture of Islam whatever they are doing it is their personal interests. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a new convert Mr. Nadeem said, “this is my 3rd Jalsa”. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) commented that this is about the virtue of morality and as I said that Ahmadies must have a high moral standards and it is not only for outsiders and new converts rather in between us also we must have benevolent relationship and must remove all grievances as I said on Jalsa also. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that Mr. Nadeem commented, “two month ago I came to Germany to look for a job. One day I wanted to come to Bai’tus Subooh for the prayer. I came by taxi and incidentally the taxi driver was an Ahmadi and the way he embraced me it was unmatched. From this I believed that the love which Promised Messiah (peace be on him) wanted to see between his followers it was a glimpse of that.”
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said as I have mentioned before also that by the Grace of Allah the Exalted there are many more good comments from attendees. It is the sheer Grace of Aallah that He covers our faults. But some people have diverted our attention towards the weaknesses and pin point them also. Some attendees said that translation should be improved as it was noisy and sometimes other languages were mixing in it also. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that he himself had experienced this also when he was listening the speeches of the German guests during the Urdu translation other languages were mixing with it and intermittently disturbance was coming back. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said administration should pay special attention towards this and instead of saving money must do a better arrangements and buy better devices.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a lady from Macedonia in her comments said, “it is not mentionable but still I mention that we were served with a food which we don’t have a habit of eating so some of us got illnesses. The food contained such spices which we don’t eat so it was very difficult for us to eat that food.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that it should not be difficult for the administration to arrange separate food for the foreigners as at this time a small number of people come. Then we make pasta and think that everybody will eat pasta while everybody doesn’t like pasta. People of some areas like broth and it should not be difficult to find the eating habits of the people from the Missionaries of their areas – attention should be paid towards this. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that then I came to know another thing also that women’s guests marquee got crowded due Ahmadi girls and women eating there. Administration should pay attention towards this also and our women and girls should not eat diet food and eat in their own marquee. This is how it will be easy to serve food to the guests. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that then a woman asked me directly as a question but her intention was evident that she wanted to make a complaint. She wanted to tell me that even during the prayer time the appearance of some women were not appropriate. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that some did not have head covers, some didn’t cover their head properly, some were showing their hairs. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that she had a right complain. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that hairs should be covered from front to the back.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that some mothers had written me may be as a complaint or may be as a prayer that next year the arrangements may get better. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that there should be separate areas for the mothers with small children and the children who make noise and separate for the mothers with older children. Because of the noise the speeches cannot be heard so there is no use of letting them sit in same area. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that some diverted my intention towards this that during the distribution of certificates to women the MTA camera showed close ups of the girls. He said that I have clearly instructed on this issue to show only from a distance and faces should not be shown. He further said that actually every girl should have a proper covering but even if it is not then MTA should be careful. If new workers are not properly trained then they should be properly briefed and trained and MTA should take care of it. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that regarding taking a veil and covering he will brief the Lajna Presidents it is redundant to mention it here. During the Jalsa days where we get the blessings of the Jalsa and get education and training and become the source of propagation there we should keep an eye on our weaknesses also. It is not necessary that every time I mention many weaknesses or pin point issues. But it is a reality that there are always some issues and weaknesses – there is no system which is perfect. Where we are thankful to Allah the Exalted that He had covered our weaknesses there administration should evaluate itself also. Administration should critically analyze and find its weaknesses and error. Many a times I have said to make a Red Book and note down all the error and weaknesses and then try to eradicate them. This is how we can improve our system. It is the duty of the Officer Jalsa Salana to have a meeting with all the head of departments at the end of the Jalsa. He should ask them to bring the weaknesses of their department and discuss them to find solution so as not to have those in the future. Issued raised by the attendees must be accepted open heartedly and complaint should be removed and then for future a proper planning should be made. May Allah the Exalted grant success. Ameen
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that during this tour I got chance of laying foundation stone and inauguration of some mosques. This also becomes the source of propagation because guests come and get information about Islam which surprises them that this face of Islam they have neither seen nor was shown to them before. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that regarding that also I mention some comments. At the time of inauguration of one mosque a Hispanic Christian told me that sometimes ago his son accepted Aahmadiyyat which bothered him because I am staunch Catholic Christian and I am a practicing Christian. I was worried where my son has landed as I consider Islam harmful. Anyhow today I have seen the Caliph and I am contented that my son is in good hands. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that then there was another lady she said that she felt bad and she was sorry also that the Caliph had to repeat many times that Islam is a peaceful religion. But I can understand that there is so much negative propaganda about Islam and so many bad things are said about Islam that it becomes necessary to repeat it again and again that Islam is a peaceful religion. Then she said that Caliph had explained it very minutely and nobody can refute it that Islam is campaigner of peace. She said the message is very simple that everyone should be welcomed and live peacefully. Then she said that I don’t have any complaint against Ahmadiyya mosque. She said that mosque and church have the same status but I am sorry to say that the churches are built in the center of the city while mosques are built outside the city and the worshipers have to go far off. She raised a question. Why council don’t allow mosques to be built inside the cities? Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) say that due to these programs of inauguration of mosques local people are raising their voice in our favor that our mosques should be built inside the cities while before they were against it.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that the Mayor said, “I was proud that I know your Juma’at but today I learned more about Islam and especially about your full of Islamic compassion humanitarian help. I am very happy to hear that Islam safe guards the churches and the followers of other faiths also.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that he was referring to what I have just said. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that another guest Mr. Stephan said, “it was uniquely different experience than what I had thought. I don’t remember what I had expected but most certainly it was not like that rather it was opposite to that and I felt very peaceful when the Caliph talked about others rights their safety and compassion. Today I have learned fundamental principles of the Islam and it was most favorite thing to hear that Caliph said that we should focus on our good things and should ignore others weaknesses. I also liked when he talked about Islamic history and told how Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was forced to migrate. But despite of that he was still oppressed. I felt as if he has opened a book of mysteries which nobody knew before this day.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that then there was another lady guest and she commented, “I listen to the Caliph, I listened his speech about the rights of neighbors. I have never heard such grate teachings about the rights of the neighbors. If everybody starts giving rights of their neighbors then, as the Caliph said that this world will become paradise. The Caliph said that instead of demanding your right give others their rights and this could be a comprehensive definition of the peace.” Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that at the advent of the inauguration of this mosque the in charge of the District said that this thing is a hurdle in the integration of Ahmadies in to our society that they say that men and women cannot shack hands. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that in other words they are saying that you people cannot become part of the society unless our women don’t shake hands with your men and your women don’t shake hands with our men. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that after that in my brief address I replied to their concerns. On which the District in charge said that I am very happy that Caliph talked about the issue of shaking hands also. It is not necessary that all in this room would have agreed to the Caliph but I completely agree with the Caliph. We should appreciate others qualities and this is what I have leaned today from your Caliph and that for integration both sides should compromise. I know that Muslims don’t eat pork and if I will invite Muslims I will cook a different kind of meat. Similarly if Muslim men don’t want to shake hand with me then why should I force him to shake hand with me. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that then a German man said that I am happy that Caliph addressed the issue of hand shaking between men and women in detail and it was an honor for me to listen to his address – his arguments cannot be refuted. It is not an ordinary thing for our society that Muslim men don’t shake hand with women but Caliph had rightly said that in a peaceful and tolerant society we should respect each other’s beliefs. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that the woman who came with District Head and to whom the District Head told that men don’t shake hand with women. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that this woman had come on laying foundation stone ceremony and again came on its inaugural ceremony a year ago. She said that she was very angry that why men cannot shake hand with women. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that she was told beforehand that I will not shake hand with her. Anyhow she said that the Caliph had answered all question raised by the District head. Last year when I got the invitation it was written on it that Ahmadi men will not shake hand with women and I was shocked to read it. But today as Caliph has explained it in detail the issue of shaking hand with women if they had told me before hand I would have understood though it is my belief that women can shake hand with men. But the speech of the Caliph has changed my thinking that we should not enforce our customs and tradition on others and should be mindful of others customs and traditions also.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said thus we should remember one thing that when we are talking to others about religion or traditions we should talk wisely. So that your message is conveyed and others feelings are not heart. Now this woman, she represents church, rightly said that there was no reason to write it in the letter that we do not shake hand. When you come make sure that you don’t try to shake hand. We are inviting you to foundation stone laying ceremony but don’t try to shake hand, don’t even dare to shake hand. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) raised this question that why it was necessary to write such sentence? If you have a doubt then don’t invite. But then you invited her on inaugural ceremony also. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said in a way it was good that you invited her and District Head again raised the issue and I got a chance to reply them up to some extent. I did not have any fear while talking on the issue. I spoke bluntly but spoke wisely. The District Head did not expect me to speak in this way as he expressed his feelings also but he was happy that I replied to his queries which cleared his heart also. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that remember that we don’t have to force anyone to believe us but we should not back off from our teachings also. We do not need to be shy in the matter of religion. The teachings of Islam are such graceful that there is no reason for any boy, any girl, any man or any woman to have inferiority complex. If we have to bring the people under the flag of Islam then we have to show our practical example and have to show courage. This lady about whom I have talked before also said that for last one year she was in a severe anguish, she was feeling that she has been insulted and she went home with a heavy heart. She said that this time she came here but she was very nervous. But today after listening you I am going home with a smile on my face now it is your discretion you shake hand or you don’t shake hand. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that many people expressed that now they understood the real integration and the real Caliphate. One of the guests mentioned and Hazoor said that this is what he said is very important for all of you men and women. He said that your Caliph is an elderly person and is a Caliph also he might be following his teachings in this regards but in reality you will know when you will follow these teachings of Islam. You will know when young men and young girls and men and women act upon these teachings and refrain from shaking hand only then it will become clear and only then I will know that you are following your teachings. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that this person has given a very tall challenge to those Ahmadi men and women who are living here. Now it is your responsibility to act upon even a smallest injunction of your teachings without any sense of inferiority complex. And show it to Europeans that we don’t have a slightest doubt on the superiority of any Islamic teaching. Similarly girls should take care of their dress and covering, and don’t let any blemish fall on their modesty and sanctity. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that organization of Lajna should pay special attention to this. And similarly organization of Khuddam should focus on the training of Khuddam. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that Ansarullah should not be oblivious to their responsibilities. All auxiliaries and systems of the Juma’at should prepare training programs keeping in view the weaknesses of the members of the Juma’at and try to get the best results from these programs. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that now people are looking at you and will judge you from your actions. May Allah the Exalted grant success to all, Ameen.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that let me tell you that due to Jalsa and mosques functions more than 80 news has been published in the media. It is estimated that through media the news reached to 72 million viewers and listeners. Five TV channels covered news during Jalsa Garmany. One radio station and 3 main news papers and many other news papers covered the Jalsa. The TV channels are SWR TV, Baden TV, RTL TV, ZDF TV, and Albanian TV. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) inquired that the prayer will be lead from other hall. He said that due to the shortage of space I delivered sermon here but will go out in the reception are to lead the prayer meanwhile people should remain seated. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that last time when I came here Lajna and Ansar had purchased a place there was large hall but this time due to some objections from the Council, which are not resolved, we were not allowed to pray there. That is why women are not allowed to come here for the Juma prayer and only men are present. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) further said that it was the duty of Lajna and Ansar to clear the objections of the Council and make the place useable for the prayers. He sarcastically said that may be Lajna and Ansar were waiting for the Council to come by herself and request them to start using the place. He said it is not going to happen and advised that they should take action immediately. Then Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) advised Ameer sahib and the department of property to help them immediately. It may not happen that next many years they should keep waiting that the Council will come and request them to use your property. Now leave the frailties and meet your obligations and responsibilities he advised local Lajna and Ansar auxiliaries.