Today’s Friday sermon was delivered by Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his Helper) from Baitul Islam Mosque, Toronto, Canada. After Tashahhud and Surah Fatihah he said that by the Grace of God Almighty last week annual Jalsa Salana of Canada Jama’at commenced and ended by showing the Grace and Mercy of God Almighty. For this whatever thankfulness we offer to God Almighty is low. It is His Grace that despite of this that our resources are very little we hold Jalsa all over the world. And it is just mercy of God Almighty that usually the arrangements are also good. We don’t have experts with professional skills for all the departments who can produce the best quality in all the departments. We have volunteers from among Khuddam, Atfal, Ansar, Lajna and Nasirat also. Among them officers are appointed and subordinates are also appointed. Sometimes according to the secular education a less educated is appointed as officer then one may be a doctor, engineer, or a Phd obeys him. It does not make any different that one is highly educated or one has a higher worldly status – this is the kind of obedience we see in the Jama’at Ahamdiyya. Then they cooperate by all means. Not only cooperation, as I said before they show full obedience also and obediently they perform their duties and services.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that especially in these three days it looks like as if the worldly thinking has disappeared from the minds of all the workers. Only Jalsa and selfless work become the thinking of the most workers or all the workers who offer their services for the Jalsa. Hence it is not a human work which converts the thinking into such a scope which gives actions a selflessness and humility. It is solely a Grace of God Almighty. Had it not been the Grace of the God Almighty then it would have not generated this spirit of service in the children, young, old, men, and women. It is the God Almighty Who creates this passion in the hearts of the workers that they have to serve the guests of the Promised Messiah (peace be on him) selflessly, keeping it above all the personal desires and thinking and keeping in mind the pleasure of God Almighty and the service of the guests of the Promised Messiah (peace be on him).
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that first of all we should be thankful to God Almighty that He had granted the Jama’at such serving workers. Who despite of being educated if asked they clean toilet, they serve food, they cook food, they give security duties, they work in the parking, they do selflessly whatever they are asked to do. Children fondly give duty. Guest are very much impressed when in the Jalsa Gah children serve water to the guests silently and zealously. Surprisingly they ask how do you generate such spirit of service in these children. At such a time when Muslim religious groups, children who go to Madrasas, and the children and the youths in the name of Jihad are being trained for atrocities; life is being threatened by cruelty; at the same time Ahmadi children and youths are doing life giving work. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) says when there are gatherings for distribution of the spiritual water and spiritual food our children, youths, boys and girls are serving the physical water and physical food. And they are entering into that real Jihad which is life giving and not life threatening. Hence some people express that when young children joyously and responsibly serve water they get spontaneous love.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that on this where we thank God Almighty there we all who are attending or who have joined this Jalsa should be thankful to all the workers also. Many among these workers for the arrangements of the Jalsa have been working before the start of Jalsa and many will be working after the Jalsa for wind up. Neither they were worried about their jobs or personal things nor monetary losses. Some of them met me and told me that they did not get time off from their work for the Jalsa so they resigned from their jobs. Neither these people are worried about their sleep nor rest. They were concerned that they have to do this service and with that they were worried to complete the preparations for the Jalsa in its best that they can do. Hence I ask the participants of the Jalsa, but before that I personally thank to all the workers, children, guests, girls, boys, women, and men who offered themselves voluntarily and with the spirit of service performed the lowest of the low work and did it with fullest of the responsibility. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said actually those services are silent propagation. Apparently, workers are working but for the guests it becomes a source of propagation, for many it becomes reason for guidance. Hence a Non-Ahmadi American Bengali guest Shaheed-ur-Rahman who came with his Bengali Ahmadi friends said that he had been quarreling with Non-Ahmadi maulvis for whole of his life and the Islam they presented kept him away from Sunny mosques – he hated extremism. His wife is a pious woman she emphasized him to attend Juma’at Ahmaidyya Jalsa Salana. Thus, he attended this Jalsa and spent time with his Bengali friends. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said it was those 91 Bengalis who came from America. He experienced the upbringing, love, and respect of the people of Juma’at Ahmadiyya on which he said that experiencing this Jalsa he returned to Islam. On the last day of the Jalsa during lunch time he was sitting alone on a chair as he did not like to go for lunch due to crowed. Suddenly he saw that a Khadim brought him food and water. And then the Khadim waited for him to finish the food so that he can throw away his empty box also. This incident impressed him so much that Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that he told me in the meeting that Jalsa has deeply moved him and he will join the Jama’at soon. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that this is how Jalsa become source of propagation. And then high moral of a Khadam and his meager service became the reason for the change of heart. This Khadim may not even know that he was Ahmadi or Non-Ahmadi. He did it only under a spirit of service. But this service became the reason for spiritual change in an outsider. Similarly there are some politicians, people living in this area who usually know the services of the Juma’at and admit it also that they are impressed by the preparations of the Jalsa. They see that in such a huge gather people are sitting calmly and workers are working silently.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that there is an MP who said that like always today also I was very impressed. There are many workers who are organizing Jalsa very systematically. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said then he said that as per my estimate there are twenty-five thousand people gathered here and organizing this must require a very hard work from the volunteers. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said thus these volunteers and workers are impressive and in this way we all must be thankful to them. Because where they are serving the guests there they become a silent missionary and spread the message of Ahmadiyyat also. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that as I said all the participants must be thankful to them. May God Almighty always increase the spirit of their service and give them best rewards for their service, may increase them in faith and belief and not apparent passion of service. And their actions must be the best according to the teachings of Islam. Similarly there are workers of MTA, those who live in Canada and the people living in Canada who did not attend the Jalsa and around the world who watch Jalsa through MTA and all the Ahmadis living anywhere in world should be thankful to them. There are many local MTA workers some came from the center, London all of them worked hard all three days to show live Jalsa programs. As I said that a team came from London also, it travels with me wherever I go. This year for uplink they brought their dish instead of renting it here. In this way we had no restriction and had advantage of time and we saved money also. If we rent it then we have to restrict to the time because if time is wasted and we go over the time then we have to pay extra. This way overall we saved ten to fifteen thousand dollars also and had no restrictions. Thus all the members of the Jama’at must be thankful to the services given by all the workers of all the departments. Similarly all the workers must be thankful that God Almighty given them chance to serve the Jama’at. God Almighty says that you be thankful and I will increase you in capacity and talent and will give you other blessings also. When God Almighty says “YAZEDANAKOM” then He does not limit it rather when He gives He gives abundantly. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that this is the way of the faithful that on every success they are thankful to God Almighty and whenever find weaknesses seek His mercy and forgiveness. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that there may be weaknesses in the big projects but the guest who ignored weaknesses and generally praised the efforts, workers must be thankful to all the members of the Jama’at and the guests for that. For example, talking about the weaknesses, the department of Hospitality did not evaluate the attendance correctly on the first day of the Jalsa. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a day earlier they told me that they will cook for twenty-two thousand while they cooked for twenty thousand only. This is how as per their own statement about two thousand people did not get food for which they apologized.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said but the guests had also come with the purpose to attend Jalsa. That day or the next day if there was any shortage of food they accepted it happily. They did not complaint rather became the reason for others correction also. One of the persons wrote me that he was standing in a long line and the food finished. First they were told that food is coming but after long wait they were told that there will be no more food coming. He said that for that he was very angry on the administration meanwhile person standing in front of him thanked God that food had finished. He said that he asked him, what are you saying? He said that the person told him that he has some dried bread with him so let us go dip it in the water and eat. If food had not finished then we would have not been able to act upon this Sunnah. So let us complete this Sunnah also. He further wrote that on this not only his anger disappeared rather he was embarrassed that why he was angry on this and became very emotional that God Almighty has given what kind of people to Promised Messiah (peace be on him). Thus administration must be thankful to the guests who show such high ethics.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that this time the administration had shown another good moral that instead of concealing and hiding their weaknesses they kept an eye on them and expressed them also. But this is not sufficient they should write them in their Red Book and do a better planning. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) further said that let me tell you that this place can hold eighteen to twenty thousand people and not more than that. And by the Grace of God Almighty the Jama’at is now spreading so Jama’at and administration should think about having a larger place. Or at least when you invite me on the Jalsa then you must think that this place is not enough for that. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that I will talk about some weaknesses which the administration has already accepted but if there are more than that then people can write them to the administration so as to have a better planning. The first thing which they have written was complaint about the food for the Arabs that the food for Arabs was too spicy and was not according to the standards of the Arabs. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that it should be corrected. Then they have expressed about the shortage of the food which Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that I have already talked about it. Then food reached one hour late on men’s side. One thing is that the distance is too long. Food is cooked here and then it is taken thirty Kilometers away. Then by mistake the trucks were delivered to women’s side instead of men’s side. Due to which men had to suffer. It was ok to have men suffer but it is not good to keep children and women hungry. It is good that food was delivered to women. The administration complains about shortage of workers who can prepare food. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that this was the responsibility of the administration and it was not difficult because by the Grace of God Almighty there is not dirt of the workers in the Jama’at. The administration should be mindful to accept the people who have spirit of service and not the people of their choice. They should change this thinking because there is no dirt of dedicated workers. Then there were long lines for the rest rooms and people had to wait for long time. The administration has itself expressed about this. But the complaints which reached to me, Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that there were patients and sick people also they had to go through very painful situations. He further said that a day earlier he especially asked about it and what he was told that was not enough arrangements. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that next time more temporary arrangements must be made if there are not enough permanent arrangements. There were no arrangements of audio video in the Langar Khana it was an administrative error. It is very important that those workers who cannot go to listen Jalsa they should be provided with the arrangements. Then they say that in the rear side of the men’s side there was no sound. But during my speech Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that he was told that the sound was normal. He further said that if there was no sound at the rear during his speech then he should be informed by the people who were sitting in the rear because as per his information there was normal sound there during his speech. Similarly there was an arrangement for the translation for Arabs but first day they were not informed. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that some Arabs met me and they told me that they did not listen the Sermon on the first day. They came to know it on the second day that there was an arrangement for translation. Now the administration should have enough experience that for translations there should be a repeated announcement in those languages in which the translation are available that from what place they should get the device for the translation. It should be mentioned on the notice board and at the entrances also Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that now I will mention some expressions of the guests and the news papers which should again turn our attention towards thankfulness to God Almighty that how He Himself put the message in the hearts of the people while our efforts are nothing against the results. He said that first I will mention expressions of our Ahmadi, Syrian Arab Ahmadis who get the chance to attended the Jalsa for the first time and they get the chance to worship independently for the first time as they had restrictions in their country even during the time of peace. But since the insurgency they were further suppressed and persecuted. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that an Ahmadi friend Ahmed Darwesh sahib said that this was his first Jalsa. He said that when he entered the Jalsa and saw the Caliph of the time in front of him he felt that he had entered the Islam. He said that the biggest change occurred in his life is that his prayers are filled with humbleness, humility and reverence. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that this is the change which must occur to all those Ahmadis who attend the Jalsa, not for few days rather must be permanent change. He said that he brought one Canadian guest named Simpson with him. He came with his wife he was Christian but now he is atheist. After attending the Jalsa he said that he had never seen such love, brotherhood, and peace and security and truthful and sincere words before. And I am happy to hear such Islam. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that may God Almighty will that this happiness become reason to open his heart also. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that similarly a Syrian Ahmadi Abdullah sahib said that three days of Jalsa cannot be forgotten. In Canada thousands of people of the best Jama’at of the world were clinging with the best person of the world. Then he said that the arrangements of the Jalsa, reception, and every necessary thing was abundantly available even the requirements of the children were not neglected which was amazingly unusual. The atmosphere of the Jalsa was filled with the passions of love and brotherhood. Inviting thousands of people, arranging their transportation, boarding and lodging itself is an unusual act. He said that the speeches and arrangements of translation were very good. He said that he had invited a journalist team and a Muslim family they all were surprised to see the beauty of the arrangements of the Jalsa. And they especially liked Huzoor’s (may Allah be his Helper) speech of the last day of the Jalsa and love of Ahmadis for their Imam was surprising for the guests. Similarly, Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that Abdul Qadar sahib said that it is the first time that I had known how big are the arrangements of the Jalsa and how every worker like honey bee without making any noise or creating any disturbance perform his duty. Everyone wanted to take opportunity to serve especially when they had known that I am an Arab they dealt with me with utmost respect. Then Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that Reem Mustapha sahiba said that the Jalsa despite of such huge numbers of the participants was orderly and decent. She said that she realized the most the spirituality which was evident from the faces. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that may God will that this spirituality remains forever on the faces. She further said that we are thankful to all those who participated in the success of this Jalsa prepared the translations of the speeches and added their share in other services. By the Grace of God Almighty we have increased in our spirituality very much. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said then Salma Juboti sahib said that seeing the arrangement and organizations of the Jalsa one can say that the Jama’at is united like one body and comprised on the support of each other. She said that we are thankful to the transport department who arranged our pick up and then drop back home. She further said that people from many nations were working to gather only for one goal and that was to spread the message of Islam and peace to the people of the world. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that Hussain Abdeen sahib said that the moments spent in the Jalsa Salan were the best moments of his life. He said that he used to watch Jalsa Salana on the TV and used pray that he should get chance to attend the Jalsa Salana with Caliph of the time. But he did not comprehend that his prayers would be accepted so soon and God Almighty would give more than that what he had asked for. He said that he was sitting in front of the stage and in such a time the painful memories of days which he had spent in Syria and Turkey were running in front of his eyes. He said that his heart was filled with thankfulness to God Almighty and said that once there were those pain full days and now it is this time that he was sitting in front of the Caliph of the time. It is purely Mercy of God Almighty.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said then there is another Syrian friend. He said that it was his first experience that he had attended any Jalsa of the Jama’at. He said that it was frightening to see so many people. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said perhaps the translator by mistakenly translated word frightening or he might have written it and I think that he might have used it lovingly. Syrian friend further said that these people were not only from Canada they have come from many countries and areas. Furthermore, they were not from one nation rather they were from many different nations and colors. Similarly, the use of new technology and perfect arrangements and obedience of the attendees were faith inspiring. And the most joyous thing for him was the presence of the Khalifatul Masih and his speeches from which he benefited all three days.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that anyhow I have expressed few expressions of the new and old Ahmadis who came from Syria and have migrated due to the circumstances there. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that there are some expressions of the outsiders also which I am going to explain because this is how the introduction of the Jama’at and the ways to propagation opens. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a German consulate told me that he had arrived here four weeks back. He had lived in different countries and did not have much of introduction about the Jama’at. He said that he had never listened to such comprehensive speech about Islam. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that he had listened to my last speech of the Jalsa. He said that you have a very positive vision. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that he said that you have stated the real Islam the one which teaches peace, justice, and love and each word seemed reality. He said that he wished that world media instead of giving time to the propaganda of Baghdadi of Iraq and ISIS should give it to this ambassador of peace then the real peace will prevail. Then he said (referring to Huzoor’s speech) that every one of his sentences was based on the truth and had a pain in it for the peace in the world. He said that he will spread this message as much it is possible for him. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that by the Grace of God Almighty the people become our ambassador also.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that there is a member of parliament people who live here know her. She said that your Caliph according to the situation has entrusted you with the task that you spread the message of ‘Love For All Hatred For None’ all over the world. And more than that is that Muslims and Non-Muslims build their relationships on the basis of love and deal with each other with justice and equality. Because if it did not happen then third world will commence and it is evident from the circumstances. The public and the politicians both must work to gather to do this. This will ensure the peace and security of the world. She said that both of our groups Muslims and Non-Muslims must spread this message so as people know that the actions of the extremists has no roots in Islam. And it is the extremists who for their personal gains are defaming others. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that then there was a guest from Seven Day Evangelist Church. He said that today my heart was very happy that the Caliph of the Promised Messiah has stated in his speech about and peace and security. Now it is necessary that people should recognize Jama’at Ahmadiyya and people should know what Jama’at Ahmadiyya is doing. He said what media is portraying is not Islam. The real teachings of Islam are very old. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said the mayor of Belize had attended he had attended before also. Referring to Huzoor’s (may Allah be his Helper) speech the mayor said that his speech had moved me deeply the way he shed light on international affairs from this he had come to know that Caliph is not only guidance for Ahmadis rather he can be a source of guidance to whole world. He said that the things which Caliph of the Promised Messiah has mentioned in his speech I will not be able to forget them ever. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said there was a guest local mayor. He said [Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that he is giving this message to the Jama’at] that this is a special chance for us we should increase in our spirituality. We should be kind to all regardless of religious affiliation this is the message we got today. We must remember that your Caliph has taught us that we all must play our role to spread peace. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said a guest from Brampton said that the only message he has got is to spread peace. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a guest referring to his last speech said that it was amazing speech he said that he did not have words to explain my feelings. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a woman she is MP she said that she liked Caliph’s address to women especially that a mother is like a foundation of the family and makes whole the society strong. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that a woman said that this is her ninth Jalsa and she said that she was waiting impatient to listen to the speech of the Caliph. Then she said that here she has seen everyone dealing with respect to others, everybody was aware of the Jalsa, security arrangements were good, sound system was working good and video monitors were also of a high quality. She said that she was happy to see the head sets for the translation because without this the purpose to come to Jalsa would have not been served. Because then we would have not been able to listen to the speech of the Jama’at Ahmaidyya’s Imam. She said that like always you deal with the guests with ease and respect though all of us are not worthy of it and for that we are thankful to you. It was very impressive to see thousands of Ahmadis in peace and happiness and this perspective was opposite from the negativity of European and Arab world. It was satisfactory for me to see the unity of the attendee.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that those guests who come to Jalsa Salana they take good impression by the Grace of God Almighty. There were some guests from abroad Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that he had mentioned a few also they took good impression. Especially those who come from Central America and South America when they observe the atmosphere of the Jalsa their erroneous views about Islam are removed. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that in these countries we have new missions. In last few years some people have accepted Ahmadiyyat and Jama’ats are established so some difficulties are also faced. But when high officials from those countries attend the Jalsa the facts become evident on them. This is how we get their cooperation and then it becomes easy for us to work there. Mostly people come to Jalsa in UK but there were some who came here also. Thus, Jalsa in this sense opens ways for propagation. Anyhow where Jalsa Salana becomes source for the spiritual uplift for the Ahamadies there it becomes the source of Jama’at’s introduction and connections also. People come to know the real picture of the Islam.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that for last few years the affairs of the Muslim countries and the world affairs are such that it had turned the media attention towards Jama’at Ahmadiyya. The first thing is that it is the Grace of God Almighty that He had turned media attention towards us. Otherwise earlier despite of our calls they were not paying attention towards us. Next to that it is the role of our youths who by the Grace of God Almighty created extensive relationship with media and connected with them. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that Canadian media team which consists of many youths has also increased the connection with press and media. I did not know that in Canada our youths are also playing effective role. I came to know this when I came here that by the Grace of God Almighty the youths are working hard. May God Almighty be pleased with their work. I have observed most boys are working on it. This is also a propagation which our youths are doing through the press and media – they were passionate. Some of them had connected with very senior newspapers and TV channels. Some of the channels responded nicely but some said that they have no interest in the religion so they cannot print the news of the Jalsa. Or if your Caliph had come we cannot come for his coverage. Some youths were upset on it also but to strengthen their faith God Almighty also shows some glimpses of His Might. For example they contacted one of the newspaper or a channel but they showed lack of interest. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that as one of the Syrian stated it may be the same media team. These youths wanted them to send their representative on the Jalsa so as the true message of Islam Ahmadiyyat should reach the nation. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that as I have said that God Almighty do His works. The same channel had to make a documentary on Syrian refugees and when they went in search of Syrian refugees by chance or I should say that God Almighty wanted this, this was ordained that the Syrian they met they were Ahmadies. They told them that our Jalsa is going on come there. There you will know all and we will talk to you there. This is how this media who had refused previously had to come. Anyhow, God Almighty extensively introducing Jama’at’s name somehow. The world knows the role of media these days and name of the Jama’at is being spread extensively through media. And those Ahmadis who volunteer for this I ask them to increase it by hard work and humility. Always remember that the Mercy of God Almighty should be with you and that is what you should be looking for.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that on the first day of the Jalsa some media people from newspapers, radio, and TV channels came here for a small press conference and they interviewed also. That got a good coverage and Jama’at was introduced also. The true teachings of Islam were explained. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that I delivered them the message of the Promised Messiah (peace be on him). I always try to relate to the prophecies of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and accordingly coming of Promised Messiah (peace be on him) whenever there is any talk about Juma’at or current affairs. So, that people should know the truth about the Islam.
Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that anyhow the summary of the coverage is as follows. Three largest newspapers of Canada Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, and National Post covered extensively the news of Jalsa. In their view message reached to 3.9 million people. Other than these three newspapers the message reached to another 5 million people through more than 25 other newspapers. Message reached to another three hundred thousand people through eight Urdu, ten Punjabi, and three each Spanish, Arabic, and Bengali newspapers. The largest radio station of Canada 680 News says that they have 2.5 million listeners the Jalsa news reached to them also. Through social media in which Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Periscope are included they think that through them the message reached to twenty million people. Then there are CTV, Global TV, Citi TV, Rogers TV, and including CBC more than sixteen main stream channels televised the news about Jalsa. Through which they think that message reached to twenty-five million people. The news of Jasla Salana reached to another one million people through Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Arabic, Ghanaian, and other TV channels. Anyhow collectively through TV channels 6.6 million people, through newspapers 2.2 million people, 3.5 million through radio stations, 2.8 million people through social media. According to the report collective they think that the news reached to 16 million people. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that if we make a very conservative estimate even then in reference of Jalsa news the message and the introduction of the Jama’at reached to at least 10 million people. Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) said that the news I have checked they have given news of Jalsa, our teachings, and the Jama’at very religiously. Thus, this is the work of God Almighty that He is doing and the introduction of the Jama’at is spreading. But with that this thing should turn our attention that we may not be happy with only these things. Rather we should increase our spiritual conditions and relationship with God Almighty. We must refrain from that which God Almighty had prohibited and adapt all that which God Almighty had ordained to do. If God Almighty is giving you the opportunity to serve, then consider it His bounty. And all the office holders and the workers also perform their duties on the precept of the fear of God Almighty. All the attendees and all those who are listening they should make analysis and review that what they have listened to during the Jalsa they still retain that and are trying to make it the part of their lives. And analyze this also that how to embrace and adapt the good things and try to hold them forever. This is what is called the real thankfulness to the God Almighty and not a temporary and interim thankfulness. Thus, keep this always in front of you and this is how God Almighty always increases in his bounties and bestow them. May God Almighty help each Ahmadi to adapt good things, and in reality they should be able to recognize God Almighty and be able to connect with Him.