Today’s Friday sermon was delivered by Khalifatul Masih V (May Allah be his Helper) from Baitul Futuh mosque, London. After Tashahhud and Surah Fātiḥah Huzoor said
We are passing through the Islamic month of Rabi-ul Awal. In the Islamic world, especially in the Muslims of Indo Pak, this month is of utmost importance. It is significant for the entire Muslim world but it is celebrated with much zeal in the sub-continent. On the 12th day of Rabiul Awal, the Holy Prophet was born. This is according to one research. But Hazrat Bashir Ahmad Sahib has written in his book “Seerat Khatamun Nabiyeen” that according to an Egyptian scholar, the Holy Prophet’s date of birth is the 9th day of Rabi-ul Awal. Whatever the case is, in this month our chief and master Muhammad (saw) came to this world. However, how unfortunate is the condition of today’s Muslims that they commemorate this day to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (sa) who was the mercy for all mankind but in reality they are personification of “their hearts are divided.” (59:15)
About the relationship of Muslims amongst themselves, Allah almighty describes that they are “tender among themselves.” (48:30) But this tenderness is at odds with their behavior as most of them are blood thirsty of each other. Everyday the news comes that hundreds of Muslims are being killed by other Muslims. This is such a thing that is extremely despised by Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (sa).
It would be one thing if they were committing such acts for the fulfilment of their own desires. But the issue here is that they are doing all this in the name of Allah and his Prophet (sa). A Muslim is killing other Muslims in the name of Allah and his Prophet (sa). They are killing each other in the name of God – that God who is Lord of All worlds, Gracious and Merciful and that Prophet who was the mercy for all mankind. In their names they are killing the dispossessed, women and children, and are throwing them out of their homes, and are causing infliction upon them. So they are doing it all in the name of Allah and his prophet and with impudence and shamelessness.
Allah says, killing a Muslim intentionally will take you to hell. By killing any innocent person, you can not escape the fire of Hell. However, these religious businessmen and these self-interested leaders are throwing simple minded people in the fire of Hell by luring them for heaven.
They have defamed Islam so much so that now the non-Muslims quickly associate it with injustice and transgression as soon as it is mentioned. Yes, there is one thing on which Muslim clergy and so called leaders get together and display unity – something that Allah and his prophet have commanded against. Prophet Muhammad said that, when Muslims are in such a state that they will turn against each other and the condition of “their hearts are divided” will materialize and they will cut each others throats, they will go to their so called scholars for guidance. However, their scholars will also be in the similar or worse condition than regular Muslims. Prophet Muhammad (sa) had said that “Their divines will be the worst people under the heaven.” Why? Because they will create disorder, “strife will issue from and avert to them.” This is exactly what we are seeing in today’s religious scholars that instead of extinguishing fire they are blazing it.
Prophet Muhammad (sa) had said that in that situation those Muslims who genuinely care about Islam should not be desperate. He foretold that the Messiah and Mahdi will arrive at that time. He in complete obedience of his master and chief Muhammad (sa), will inform Muslims and non-Muslims about the true teachings of Islam. He will illuminate the world with the bright and pristine teachings of Islam. In this way he will turn Muslims into “One Community.” This is the very thing that these Muslim scholars are refusing to accept. They infuriate Muslim with their baseless lies and try to create disorder.
They are playing with people’s emotions and inform them with such things that are non existent. Every Muslim has this belief and without firmly accepting this belief, no Muslim can be deemed as a Muslim without accepting that Muhammad is “Khatamun Nabiyyeen.” And that the Shariat has been completed on him. But these religious scholars infuriate Muslims on the lie that Ahmadis do not believe in the “Khatme Nabuwat” i.e. “the finality of Prophethood.” At this we can only show our disappointment and can invoke curse on the liars. A person being an Ahmadi doesn’t believe in Prophet Muhammad as the final prophet, he is a nonbeliever, and has no association with Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. However, this is true that Ahmadis define “Finality of Prophethood” as it was interpreted the Prophet Muhammad (sa) himself and the Holy Quran. This implies that no such Prophet can arrive who is outside the teachings and Shariat of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa). Once Prophet Muhammad said that Abu Bakr is best of all in this my people until a Prophet arrives. This means that he didn’t close the door of Prophet hood. It means that neither a prophet can come outside the sphere of Prophet Muhammad (sa), nor a new Shariat can come.
And if we consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be a Prophet in addition to his being Messiah and Mahdi, we do it while considering him subordinate under the Holy Prophet (sa) prophet hood. This exactly was the belief of early Muslim sages and thinkers.
Shah Waliullah says in his book Tafheemate Illahiya that the saying of Prophet Muhammad (sa) “Prophethood is concluded on me” does not mean that now there can not be any other prophets. It means that there can not be a law bearing Prophet but non-law bearing prophets can still arrive.
Similarly Hazrat Ayesha (ra) said that “Say that Prophet Muhammad was the seal of prophets but do not say that there will never be a prophet after him.” So if we consider Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad the status of Prophet due to his title of Promised Messiah, we do it in complete obedience of Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) teachings.
So the religious scholars who keep instigating Muslims on this sensitive issue that Ahmadis or as they call us Qadianis (pejorative term for Ahmadis) consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be a Prophet, these talks are nothing more than mere discord. Pakistan’s Government is very proud that they solved the then 90 years old issue (At the time of national Assembly’s decision it was 90 years old but it is now 125 years old) of Qadianiat. At this Pakistani religious scholars and government officials keep intensifying Muslims’ emotions. As a matter of fact, this is something about which the Holy Prophet (sa) had already foretold. And these common Muslims, instead of listening to their so called religious scholars, should analyze how the current situation calls for a reformer and turns Muslims into “One Community.” Surely in this day and age Allah has fulfilled his promise and the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (sa) has come to its fulfilment too. But these religious scholars will not accept because because this hateful campaign gives them financial security. They will keep infuriating Muslims. Moreover, Pakistani legislation has given them a free hand. Therefore, every now and then they keep indulging in abusive behavior against Ahmadis that include violent processions and curses against Ahmadis. However, such immoral manners only suit these so called religious scholars—Ahmadis cannot compete with them on this.
Four days ago, in so called accordance with 12 Rabi-ul Awal and in the name of Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) honor, Pakistani Mullahs and scoundrels organized a procession in Dulmial – a town in Pakistan. They attacked our mosque. Ahmadis were inside the mosque and had their doors closed. They barred the procession from entering the mosque but upon the Police’s guarantee of the mosque’s safety, they opened the door. But as they opened the door, those agitators entered and flooded into the mosque. They threw the mosque’s belongings out and set them on fire. This way they supposedly carried out a great service to Islam. However, we do not care about worldly belongings. Yes, it was a loss but it is meaningless. As far as our beliefs that include believing and honoring Prophet Muhammad (sa) and the unity of God are concerned, for that we are ready to lay our lives. But we have always been saying and have also been sacrificing for it that we will not avert from the proclamation of, “there is no God but Allah.”
Those who get together to celebrate the birthday of the Holy Prophet (sa) mostly deliver abusive speeches against Ahmadis. For the time being they let their frustration out by uttering obnoxious remarks and think that they have served Islam well. But Ahmadis undertook the real task of serving Islam in the beginning when the Promised Messiah (as) claimed to revive Islam. He said that Allah has chosen him to implement the Unity of God and to establish the honor of Prophet Muhammad (sa). The renaissance of Islam will take place through me. i.e. [the Promised Messiah].
Later on Ahmadis took up the task of serving Islam when during the second Khilafat some authors started publishing extremely derogatory books and papers against Prophet Muhammad (sa). At that time, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) initiated the campaign of holding conferences on the life of the Holy Prophet (sa). He invited, Ahmadis and non Ahmadis of different sects alike to write and speak about the life of the Holy Prophet (sa). He said that now is the time to let go of differences and to get together and defend the honor of Prophet Muhammad (sa). He commenced this campaign on large scale. He even invited non-Ahmadis to write about the life and character of Holy Prophet (sa). For Muslims, it is part of their faith to believe and defend the honor of Prophet Muhammad (sa). But as Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) said that the compassion of the Holy Prophet (sa) is intended for the entire world, he is the mercy for all humanity, therefore, the non-Muslim noblemen should also elucidate his character. Therefore, several Hindu highly educated persons read their essays on the life and character of the Holy Prophet (sa). On the first convention of its kind that held in Qadian in 1928, two poems in the honor of Prophet Muhammad (ra) that were written by Hindu poets were also recited. In all over India such conferenced were held. And despite theological differences, non-Ahmadis including their scholars helped in making this effort a success. Though there were some who opposed these efforts. Many newspapers covered those conventions and published reports on them. A newspaper by the name of Mashriq Gorakhpur in its June 21st edition wrote that this date will always be preserved in the history of India. On this date His Holiness, the most respectful, master of both worlds, Muhammad (sa) was praised in one way or the other by all sects of Muslims. Every city tried to beat other cities in these efforts. Though some published posters and delivered speech in opposition of such conventions and sent us their articles in its opposition are extremely imprudent. (There are always such people who like to oppose). They are unaware of our beliefs. Our belief is that whoever believes in “there is no God but Allah” has been saved. Nevertheless, upon the success of the June 17th Jalsa, we congratulate the head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. If Shia, Sunni, and Ahmadi could get together a few times a year to hold such conventions then no force that can compete with Islam in India.
Another Bengali paper by the name of Sultan that used to publish in Calcutta wrote in its June 21st edition that Ahmadiyya Muslim community held nationwide conventions in praise of Prophet Muhammad (sa). We have received news that almost all conventions were successful. This is a fact that in this area Ahmadis have had such a magnificent success that never happened before. This also tells that the Ahmadiyya community is progressing day by day and is entering in people’s heart. We also accept their success and are anticipative for their accomplishments. So this is what non-Ahmadi newspapers wrote and this is how they cooperated because it was a matter of the Holy Prophet’s (sa) honor. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community doesn’t need acclamation from anyone. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (ra) made this effort to establish the honor of the Holy Prophet (sa) so that those who mock at him can understand his status. Moreover, he did it to established the fact that all Muslims are together when it comes to the honor of the Holy Prophet (sa). In Qadian, some Hindus delivered admiring speeches on the Holy Prophet (sa). After which, Alfazl published Khatamul Nabiyyeen Edition in accordance with the conventions. Since then, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been holding such conferences every year. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II (rz) gave us four or five directives in this regard in which he said that not only on 12 Rabiul Awal, but throughout the year, we should hold conferences on the life and character of the Holy Prophet (sa). So this is the history of the Jamaat that we do such conferences. Now they are being held in 200+ nations of the world. Wherever our community is established, such conferences are being held. Inshallah, only Ahmadis are and (will always remain) those who comprehend the real status of the Holy Prophet (sa). They are the ones who are enlightening the world about the real status of the Holy Prophet (sa).
This is because that we are informed by the Imam of the time, the Promised Messiah (as), that if you want to reach Allah Almighty then you must cling to the Holy Prophet’s (sa) teachings. Because only He is the path to redemption. The Promised Messiah said, “He is everything, what is my worth”. He never considered himself to be superior than the Holy Prophet (sa). He always considered himself to be Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) subordinate. In order to remove the misconception that we do not consider Prophet Muhammad (sa) to be the last prophet, he says:
You must remember that the criticism on my community and myself that we do not consider Prophet Muhammad to be Khatamun Nabiyeen is an absolutely false accusation on us. We believe in Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) finality of Prophet hood with such strong conviction, perception, and precision that others don’t believe in its millionth part even. They don’t even have such grits to understand the reality and secret in the Holy Prophet’s (sa) finality of Prophet hood. They have only heard a term from their forefathers but they are unaware of its reality. They don’t know what Finality of Prophet hood is and what does it entail to believe in him. But due to ultimate precision that Allah knows better, we consider Prophet Muhammad to be the final Prophet. And Allah has disclosed on us the reality of finality of prophet hood in such a way that the fountain of comprehension established for our consumption, we attain unique ecstasy. No one can have any idea about it except for those who are irrigated by this fountain.
So those who consider to be the disbelievers of finality of Prophet hood they are blind themselves and their hearts are muffled. They have nothing apart from mere slogans, disorderliness, and destruction. Is the message of Islam that Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is spreading not the clear evidence that the prayers of the Holy Prophet (sa) that he beseeched for his Ummah are only being accepted on behalf of the community of the Promised Messiah (as)?
About the reality of the finality of Prophethood, the Promised Messiah (as) says:
Allah Almighty bestowed us with such a prophet who was the best of believers, the best of the knowledgeable and the seal of prophets. Similarly, the book was revealed on him which is the compendium of books and is the seal of books. So prophet hood came to an end on Prophet Muhammad who is the final of prophets. But it did not end as in strangling one’s throat. Such end is not worthy of pride. By ending the prophet hood upon Prophet Muhammad (sa) means that the attributes of prophet hood naturally ended on on him. Those various marvels which were individually bestowed on prophets from Adam (as) to Jesus son of Mary (as) were all amassed in the person of the Holy Prophet (sa). Therefore, the Holy Prophet (sa) naturally became deserving of the title of finality of Prophethood. Similarly, that collection of teaching, guidance and knowledge found in previous books ended with the revelation of the Holy Quran. This is how the Holy Quran ensued to be the Best/Final of Books.
Then about the status of the Holy Prophet (sa), the Promised Messiah (as) says that the living Prophet for Abdul Abad is on Muhammad (sa). He says:
Is there any prophet from among the Jews of the sons of Israelites or among those Christians who call Jesus to be God, who can compete me in these signs? I declared that there is none, not even one. This is the proof of our prophet’s (sa) ability of displaying of miracles which are made possible due to his directives. Because this is a well-known issue that the miracles of the prophet who is being followed are called the real miracles that come to pass by one of his devotees. The extraordinary miracles and exceptional signs of prophecies that I have received are in actuality the living miracles of the Holy Prophet (sa). Today, no other follower of any other prophet possess such a confidence that he can openly display that he too is able to show these exceptional signs because of his prophet’s divine powers. Only Islam possesses such confidence. This explains that the eternally living prophet can only be the Holy Prophet (sa) with whose pure breath and divine powers, a man of God displays the face of God in every age.
Then while explaining Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) status, his humility and about his intoxication in the love of God, the Promised Messiah (as) writes:
According to a Hadith, without blessings, salvation would be non-existent. Allah Almighty’s blessings make salvation possible. This is also found in Hadith that Hazrat Ayesha inquired of the Holy Prophet (sa), “O Prophet, is that your condition as well.” The Holy Prophet (sa) put his hand on his head and said, “yes.” This was the expression of ultimate state of worship which was absorbing the Allah Almighty’s attribute of the Creator. We have also experienced and have several times analyzed and have always seen that every time the condition humility and meekness reaches its peak and my soul melts away in this state of worship and humility gets to the portal of Giving God, then a light and radiance descend from above. It feels as if pure water transfers from one pipe to another. Therefore, in some cases, the condition of the Holy Prophet (sa) seems to have reached the pinnacle of humility and meekness. It seems like it is proportional to the Holy Prophet (sa) being the recipient of the help and being illuminated with the light of the Spirit of Holiness. Our Holy Prophet (sa) has shown this with his actions and practical examples. The circle of his illuminations and blessings is so vast that its paradigm and silhouette is eternally visible. The benefactions and blessings that are being bestowed in this day and age are made possible due to the obedience and submission to the Holy Prophet (sa). I say with conviction that no person can execute real virtue and can attain the pleasure of God and he cannot benefit from these favors and blessings and perception and facts and visions, that are found at high level of purity of heart, until he is not lost in the obedience of the Holy Prophet (sa). Its proof is found in God’s word. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran, “Say, ‘If you love Allah, follow me: then will Allah love you and forgive you your faults. And Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.’ So Allah Almighty made the Holy Prophet (sa) say that if you follow me then you will attain the love of God. (3:32)
While describing the reason of the advent of the Holy Prophet (sa) and of the revelation of the Holy Quran, the Promised Messiah (as) says:
I have mentioned it quite a few times before, and even now its mention is not without any use. Therefore I want to analyze the reason why Allah Almighty sent Prophets and in the end he sent Prophet Muhammad (sa) for the guidance of mankind and revealed the Quran. Everyone who carried out something has a reason behind it. This concept that there was no objection in the advent of Prophet Muhammad and in the revelation of the Holy Quran is a dishonor and disgrace of great extent. Because it associates a vain act with God. (God Forbid). However He is Holy, “Holy is He and exalted far above is His Glory.” So remember that with the revelation of the Holy Quran and with the advent of the Holy Prophet (sa) Allah Almighty has wished that he may demonstrate a magnificent illustration of Mercy on this world as He says, “And We have sent thee not but as a mercy for all peoples.” (21:108) In the same manner, He described the rationale behind the revelation of the Holy Quran, “This is a perfect Book; there is no doubt in it; it is a guidance for the righteous.” (2:3) These are such outstanding objectives that have no parallel existing.
Then about the exalted glory of the Holy Quran that it contains all the attributes of different books and they are not mere stories but are worth of acting upon, the Promised Messiah (as) writes:
Just like all differing marvels that were found in various prophets were collected in the Holy Prophet (sa). Similarly, all goodness and attributes that were found in various books are collected in the Holy Quran. Similarly all marvels that were found in various peoples are collected in the Muslim Ummah. Thus Allah Almighty wishes that we receive these marvels. We must also not forget that he has bestowed us with faculties in accordance with those marvels that He wishes us to be the recipient of. Because if we weren’t given those faculties then we could have never been able to understand those attributes. Its example is such that if a person invites people to his home, he must prepare food according to the size of company. Similarly, his house should be able to accommodate his guest. It is not possible that he invites 1000 people and but arranges for a small place to sit down. No. He will keep in mind their number and will accommodate accordingly. This is how the Quran is a feast and a banquet for which the entire world has been invited. The place designated for this reception is Human faculties. Thus saying that we can not fulfil certain commandments of the Quran is absolutely wrong. God has given Humans those faculties with which those commandments can be acted upon. These faculties are given to those people who belong to this Ummat. True Muslims who are sincerely firm on their faith are bestowed with these faculties. Without faculties no work can be carried out. Now if Quranic teachings are presented to a bull or dog or any other animal, they will not be able to understand. Because they do not possess such qualities with which they can understand the Quran. But we have been given such faculties from which we can get benefit. So humans must not consider themselves to be animals that they don’t have the powers to act upon Quranic commandments. Allah Almighty has given these faculties to true Muslims. It is man’s job to enhance those faculties so he can fulfil the commandments of the Quran.
Upon the question that what is the greatest form of worship in this day and age, the Promised Messiah (as) says:
It is important for a Muslim that he take part in getting rid of this strife within Islam. This is is the greatest form of worship that every Muslim should try to remove this strife. Today, evil and disgrace has spread all around. Therefore, he should put his speech and writings and other powers that are given to him to use and should try with utmost sincerity to remove those evils from this world. What is the use of having comfort and pleasure in this world? What is the point of attaining ranks in this world? Attain the rewards in the hereafter which has no limits. Every Muslim should have such passion for Allah Almighty’s Unity and Individualization that God has about His Unity. Ponder that that who can be more oppressed than our Prophet (sa)? There is no such filth, and curse and obscenity that was not caused for him. Is this the time that Muslims should stay silent? If at this time a person doesn’t stand up and doesn’t silence the liar with his truthful testimony and deems it acceptable that the disbelievers keep on accusing our Holy Prophet (sa) and keep on straying people, then keep in mind that he is under great scrutiny. It is important that a person should spend his knowledge and awareness (no matter how much he has) in this cause, and save people from this problem. It is found in a Hadith that if you do not kill the anti-Christ, he will die anyway. It is said in Persian that everything that rises must fall. These problems arose in the 13th century and now soon they may end. Therefore, it is the duty of every Muslim that he should try his best and should show light and illumination to people.
As I said earlier, that to show this light and illumination, Allah Almighty sent the Promised Messiah (as). We are fortunate that we entered in his Bait and now it is our job to advance his mission.
The Promised Messiah says in Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya about one of his revelations:
Invoke blessing on Muhammad and his people who is the master of the sons of Adam and is the seal of prophets (sa). This points to the fact that all ranks and blessings and benedictions are because of him. These are the rewards of loving him. Holy is He What an excellent status the master of all worlds has in the eyes of the One God and what a nearness they have that his beloved becomes God’s loved one and his slave becomes the master of the world.
He then wrote following Persian couplets:
No one is like my beloved
Even moon and sun are worthless before him
Where is such a face that glows like him
And where is such a garden that has the spring like my beloved
Drawing our attention on what should be the objective of invoking Durood , the Promised Messiah (as) says:
The reason behind it should be that Allah bestows His all blessings on Prophet Muhammad (as). And He makes him the fountainhead of blessings for the whole world. And He may make his piety and grandeur in this world and in the hereafter. This prayer should be beseeched with utmost conviction, just like a person beseeches prayers for his personal needs. Even he should pray with even more concentration and humility and should not keep any share of his own that I will get rewards because of this or that I will be given a rank. Instead the pure intention should be that all divine blessings should descend upon Prophet Muhammad (sa) and his glory should shine in this world and in the hereafter.
So, opponents can say whatever they want to say to us. They can accuse us however they want to but the love of Prophet Muhammad (sa) is in our hearts. And we have the recognized the Holy Prophet (sa)’s finality of Prophet hood more than anyone else. And the Promised Messiah (as) has given us all this. May we keep increasing in faith after every injustice and after every attack from the opponents. May we invoke more Durood on Prophet Muhammad (sa) so Muslims have the true understanding of his status. May these stray Muslims come back to the right path. May the beautiful and true teachings of Islam spread in the world too.