After greeting everyone with “Assalamo-Alaikum wa Rahmatullah” – peace be upon you and the Mercy of Allah – and bearing witness to the absolute Unity of Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger and Servant, and seeking the protection of Allah against Satan, Huzur Aqdas (may Allah strengthen him with His Mighty Help) recited Sura Al-Fatiha, and then said that:
It is Allah’s Favour upon us that in all tours Allah, the Exalted, shows Signs of His Help and Power. Sometimes one worries that certain Jama’ats don’t have the required experience to organize certain types of events and sometimes make such programs as are not the Jama’ats own programs but are carried out jointly with others. Such programs obviously need to be advertised in the manner that the others participating in the program are accustomed to do. And this raises the fear that opponents may try to display their enmity and thus possibly create unpleasantness in the program. There is also the concern that such programs must live up to the highest standard.
Nevertheless, we can never be grateful enough to Allah, the Exalted, for continuing to show such signs & such support which leaves us in awe. Every time, Allah, the Exalted, show new ways in which He fulfills the promises that He had made with the Promised Messiah (as). Indeed, sometimes guests heap such amazing praise on the event that it leaves those who were involved in organizing the event whether it really was something had put together. The praise that we are given is not superficial. It seems that praise from the guests is actually pouring from their hearts. Their eyes, their faces reflect their words. When one witnesses such scenes, one is left praising God from the very bottom of one’s heart. That Allah, the Exalted, covered up our faults and shortcomings, and the program was successful.
In the past few days I journeyed to Holland and Germany. German Jama’at is quite large and well organized and their members have very solid relationships with every sector of the society. The German media is well aware of German Jama’at and knows it well and gives their activities extensive coverage. Some newspapers and other media, seeing the progress of the Jama’at also write negative reports about the Jama’at.
Some politicians also try to oppose Jama’at from time to time and run campaigns every now and then. But overall government officials and German individuals who are aware of the Jama’at hold positive feelings. Due to this, they are receiving the true picture of Islam.
This is also a way to present the picture of Islam to the Germans that the members of the Jama’at in Germany are utilising.
In Holland, however, the Jama’at is quite small and they also haven’t struggled to the same extent which would make Ahmadiyyat and true Islam known to the people through the media. The Jama’at in Holland also does not have the extensive relations with diplomats or government officials or the intelligentsia by which means such people could have knowledge about the Jama’at and recognize us as being the representatives of Islam.
Nevertheless, Allah, the Exalted, enabled a Member of Parliament from Nunspeet, Holland where our center is, to organize an event in Parliament of Holland. The Jama’at had been introduced to him a few years back and he has met me also in one of the Jalsas in Holland.
This gentleman is also the Chairman or Acting Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Dutch Parliament. Through his efforts this event was organized and held in one of the halls of the Parliament building under the auspices of the Foreign Affairs Committee.
Ameer Sahib Holland wrote to tell me this is being arranged and invited me to come and so I went. I had thought only a few individuals would attend as the Jama’at is not that well known in the country and so the people would not come and also the Jama’at does not have experience of organizing these types of events. But, by the Grace of Allah, the Exalted, keeping in mind the condition of the Holland Jama’at, their event went off very well.
89 prominent Government officials were present in this event. These included Members of Parliament, Ambassadors, and other government representatives from Holland, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, India, Philippines, Denmark and Cyprus.
As I have said, the German Jama’at has extensive relations but they have not yet been able to organize an event of this level. It is true that their representatives and dignitaries come to our functions and praise our works and our service and they opine on seeing the true picture of Islam. But no such program has taken place in Germany till now. Perhaps the reasoning for this is that Germany is a large country and Holland, in comparison, is significantly smaller.
Nevertheless this step that the Holland Jama’at has taken and these contacts and relationships that they have established, and reached out to the newspapers and media I am hopeful that the Holland Jama’at will continue trying to make further progress in these matters and the success they have achieved with this event they will not consider it to the maximum that they can do.
At the event at the Parliament I addressed those present for about 18-20 minutes with respect to Islam and made mention of the current issues in light of the Islamic teachings. Usually, wherever and whenever I say something about things in light of Islamic teachings, the people say that their questions have been answered sufficiently. However, here, three or four parliamentarians from different political parties, said that they now also wanted to ask questions and I said that is fine. If you are not satisfied then by all means ask the questions.
They started questioning and it seemed nothing but repetition. Ultimately it felt as if they wanted me to say that Islam’s teachings are incorrect – God forbid. Or that something should be said by me inadvertently that would give them an opportunity to say something [negative] about Islam. This was felt by the parliamentarians who were there from other countries. And they expressed this sentiment of their afterwards and said that this attitude of the one or two who made such questioners was not correct. Indeed, some Dutch who were watching this program or were sitting there, they also expressed their displeasure at this and conveyed their sense of shame at seeing this.
In any case, this does not affect us in any way. Some felt that they wanted to perhaps provoke anger but this is also a Grace of Allah, the Exalted, for which we are thankful, that He has granted me a great degree of patience.
From among those who made the questions became himself conscious of this inappropriateness and when he came to have pictures taken with me afterwards said that if my questions were not appropriate then I express my apologies for this.
The details of this program are extensive and you will have seen and heard it on MTA or you can read the report on the event – I cannot give all these details at this time here. But all those who heard the program or the others who were there participating in the event went away having taken a good impression of the teachings of Islam. Sometimes the thought comes after such events that such and such a question could have been answered better in this or that way but Allah, the Exalted, bestowed such Grace upon the occasion and blessed me with such responses as left a good impression on the people and they said as much.
This is Allah’s doing. Allah takes control of the hearts and envelops them with His awe. Human endeavors can achieve nothing. For this program to have taken place, in itself, is a great blessing and sheer Grace of Allah, the Exalted. If someone from the Holland Jama’at says that this program was accomplished due to the efforts of someone or the efforts of the Dutch Jama’at then this is totally wrong. Indeed, I am sure that the majority from among them would say that they do not know how this event came about.
The fact that this event was well organized can be gauged from what the Parliamentarian who put this event together said to a member of the Jama’at afterwards. He said that he thought the program should have been covered to a much greater extent in the media, although in our mind this had happened a lot already. But he thought that it should have been even more extensive and that the news of this event should been the headline on the front pages of the newspapers so that the people of the country could become aware of the true teachings of Islam. In any case he said that he was not satisfied and the extent of the coverage that should have resulted did not take place.
The same gentleman who had organized the event while expressing his views on the events also said that he was questioned by many of his parliamentary colleagues on how he allowed such an event to take place. So not only was it difficult for us to imagine that such an event could have been held at the Dutch Parliament, even others thought the same that how could such a small Jama’at carry out such an event.
The member of Parliament said that this event was far better than my expectations from the point of view of attendance and the subject matter discussed…indeed was a great success and that now it will have many far reaching benefits. Imam of Ahmadiyya Muslims Jama’at presented his teachings beautifully and the people of Holland deserve that they be shown the peaceful face of Islam also. They need this message. He said that this was the first step, the meeting with the Khalifatul Masih and they will organize many more such programs. Many others expressed their gratitude for Islam’s true teachings being presented.
Holland’s previous Minister of Defence also participated in this event. He met me and sat with me after the event for a lengthy period of time and kept discussing various things with me. While expressing his feelings about the event he said that having listened to your message I have seen the true face of Islam. He said that now I wish that you come to Holland repeatedly so that the fear that people have in their hearts of Islam is dispelled. Then he said that your answers to the questions raised were enough for any right minded person to clarify all the myths about Islam.
Spain’s Ambassador was also present: He says that the answers to the questions with respect to freedom of speech were very appropriate in particular the regard for the religious sentiments of people etc.
The verses of the Holy Quran and the teachings of Islam mentioned in the speech with regard to freedom of religion, tolerance and religious brotherhood touched my heart and I support them because paying due regard to these values is very necessary for world peace and promotion of harmony and understanding between religions.
An MP from Spain said that I was very happy to hear about freedom and message of peace and love for the Creator of all of us. In a world in which there is increase daily in the injustices and tragedies being perpetrated upon people we should be thankful for such a message of peace. All people who desire peace should unite and pay greater attention to the things that are common between us instead of giving more attention to the things that we differ on.
Three representatives from Montenegro came, one was an MP. This event is a proof of great success for the Jama’at. Their Imam has presented the teachings of Islam in a very beautiful manner at a very high level occasion.
The questions of the Dutch MP’s were very aggressive but the Imam responded with great courage and with solid proofs and that in the dangerous world of today such events are very much needed.
Two representatives of Human Rights Defence also came. They said that the message delivered in the parliament should be made to reach all policy makers.
An MP of the ruling party of Croatia had also come to participate in the event. He said that the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at has presented the teachings of Islam in a very clear and effective manner. The teachings of Islam that were mentioned are very effective for the establishment of peace in the world. If all Muslims obey and follow these teachings with sincerity of heart, then the world can become a haven of peace.
Then he went on to say that the very matter of fact and clear stand that the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community gave regarding the Freedom of Speech had a great impact on me. Especially the points made about the limitations that exist in places regarding what can and cannot be said about the Holocaust strengthened his arguments very much.
Then he said that even though Ahmadis are persecuted in Pakistan, the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community refrained from speaking negatively about Pakistan and simply presented the true teachings of Islam and invited all to act on them and this was indeed very impactful. Then he said that the statements about placing limitations on sale of weapons and ending funding of those involved in terror was very fact based. And if the powerful nations of the world in fact act on these advices seriously and honestly then the world can return to peace.
Then the MP who had come from Sweden said that the speech was very nice and had great impact and in his capacity as a world religious leader he has shaken up the leaders of the world with his message. The speech was full of truth, love, justice, tolerance, brotherhood and devoid of references to use of expedient means; and Imam of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at has drawn attention to these things in a very simple and straightforward manner and given a message to the world. Insofar as the questions that were asked by the Foreign Affairs Committee he says that the answers were solid and full of reason and wisdom. He said that despite having been given the reference to the Jews they did not understand whereas in our country Sweden it is even a crime to put on the Nazi badge and this is a punishable offence with fines and other punishments.
Then a Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Tirana, the Capital of Albania and Former Head of the Religious Affairs Committee there, said that I could not even have dreamt that Jama’at Ahmadiyya is propagating the teachings and message of Islam in such an effective and great way. Imam Jama’at Ahmadiyya has presented these in a very beautiful and effective way.
A Professor from the University of Amsterdam who is an expert on Buddhism, Islam and other religions said that the clear manner in which the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at has made mention of the teachings of peace taught by Islam has made it clear to me that they must inevitably become part of our interfaith dialogues. And from now on this will be so, so that we can witness a true picture of Islam
Other programs in Holland included multiple interviews and great discussions each lasting at times some 40 minutes. They were told of status of Messiah, claims of the Promised Messiah, the teachings of Islam, Khilafat, world peace etc. The details you will all be able to read or will see but in this way Jama’at was introduced very widely in Holland and it is being realized by the educated and well read sector of society there that if they need to really understand and learn about the true teachings of ISlam then they have to do so by including Ahmadis in the discussions.
First Interview: 5th October in RTV. Was being aired live from our mosque Baitun Nur in Nunspeet. It was also heard through live streaming in the rest of the world.
On the 5th of October. Holland Regional TV station Journalist interviewed Huzoor, and through them some 2 million received the message. The Journalist said that their influence in Holland is like that of the BBC in the UK.
On 6th October Holland’s National Newspaper interviewed. Print circulation is only 50,000 but online readership is in hundreds of thousands.
On the 7th of October another newspaper journalist came and interviewed me. Their circulation is 100,000. Then again on the 9th october a journalist from another widely read newspaper carried out an interview. It also has wide circulation and is a religious newspaper.
The coverage from these interviews was very extensive. Thus for the first time, Holland Jama’at was introduced in this manner and this program of theirs was indeed very good.
3 National, 9 regional newspapers published news of my tour reaching 3 million. RTV radio stream was aired live globally. National Radio aired a 5 minute program with respect to Huzoor’s tour on October 7 at 9 pm. Their TV channel also aired news of the tour and the laying of the foundation of the mosque. Through both of these channels, the message was received by approximately 5 million people. And overall, including the reach of the print media, this, their first effort has conveyed our message to some 8 million people in Holland.
Holland Jama’at had the fortune of laying the foundation stone of a second mosque. May Allah enable the completion of its construction quickly also. Thus a proper mosque is being built there now after 60 years. They had some centers but this is a proper mosque and this was a great need of the time that a mosque should have been built.
There were a total of some 102 guests in the foundation stone laying function. These included the Mayor of Almere, judges, lawyers, doctors, architect, religious leaders and people from other sectors of society. Also various guests from Parliament and the representatives of different countries who had come the day before also took part.
The Mayor of Almere liked my message and said that it is an effective way to establish peace and said that we should all work together to practically make it take hold. He expressed the hope that through the mosque this message of peace will surely spreads. Then a local Councillor said this message gave guidelines on how to live one’s life. The Leader of a liberal party said that it feels as if it is only your Jama’at that can be the guarantor for peace in the world in the future.
There is a National Muslim Radio there and it also aired a program on Almere mosque, renaissance of Islam, coming of Islam, Huzoor’s tour lasting some 4.5 minutes. They informed the listeners about the second coming of the Messiah and told the people that I am the Khalifa of the Promised Messiah and that I had come for the purpose of laying the foundation stone of the Almere mosque. The report also aired some segments of the comments from the foundation stone laying ceremony. Apart from all this the media gave a lot of coverage.
After this the foundation stones of two mosques were laid in Germany. There also the intelligentsia and the educated members of society had come to participate in the functions. Very good functions took place here also and the introduction to the Jama’at increased even more.
Foundation stone was laid of Nordhorn mosque on my way to Germany from Holland. I was interviewed by a tv channel and also aired news of the event. A former Mayor had also come there and he said after the function that he had told his colleagues that we don’t have to visit church this week on Sunday because all that was necessary for us has been said by their Khalifa. So there are people who also express their ideas in this manner.
May Allah, the Exalted, open their hearts in reality also so that they may truly accept the teachings of Islam and adopt its ways. Aameen!
A German lady said that really this was a great speech. I did not know much about Islam. But today, the way that the Khalifatul Masih has made me understand I have learned about Islam correctly.
Then another German said that I am a Catholic by faith and today I have learnt about another beautiful religion, i.e. Islam. By listening to the speech of the Khalifa my desire to learn about Islam has been satisfied. He told us about the reality of Islam. I have come to know that Islam’s foundations are based on peace, love, and kindness. The best thing I liked was that he said that ISlam lays great emphasis on the rights of the neighbors.
A German lady said that I am not religious, and do not believe in any religion either and I did not even know that there was a Khalifa in the world. But when I saw and heard this Khalifa today, I am leaving with positive opinions about Islam. I have learned that a mosque is not just a place for worship but that it is also a place where taking care of the neighbors is taught, where they work to spread peace. Whatever fears and questions anyone may have about Islam they are answered by the speech of the Imam of the Jama’at.
Then a journalist said that I felt that I would do an interview of the Imam of the Jama’at but after his speech, there was no need for an interview because all fears and questions that can arise in one’s mind about Islam, the Khalifatul Masih had addressed in his address.
One woman said that her husband came but refused to enter to attend our event. He simply dropped his wife and went to park the car. He said that this is a Muslim event and my heart says that there will be an explosion there and I love my life, if you want to go and endanger your life go ahead. She says at the end of the event that now I will go and tell him that you missed a great event. It was all about peace and love and nothing else. So there are people who have such thoughts also.
There was also present a German lady who sat listening to all that was said and at every thing she heard she said that it is true, it is true. Then she said that this the first time I am participating in this type of event and am amazed at seeing your arrangements and your system in which every person can be seen to be a very fine person of high resolve.
These things we hear about us we need to make sure that we should maintain our conduct at all times, not just temporarily, so that we are seen to be men of high resolve. Indeed we should make these good traits permanent.
She goes on to say that with great pain I say that we Germans have now become deprived of these high morals. She says that those high morals that I want to teach my children in my home these very values are taught against at the schools. And here I have seen the true honor of man.
People think that children are being taught all kinds of things in the name of freedom the very people who live here are very upset and worried about these things. So we need to pay particular attention and teach and insure that our children understand that everything that you hear here is not true and in fact you need to look to the values that Islam teaches and live by them.
Similarly a man said that coming here has made me very happy and testified that Christianity has now become a dead faith, it is only superficial talk, without spirituality but here I have seen a living faith.
Then there was a lady sitting there who, when she heard me tell what all we are doing to provide water to the people in Africa, she said to her seven or eight year old child in his ears that we should not waste water at all. There were several other children with her so she started telling them by the gestures of her hand that they should listen to me so that you may understand.
Similarly there was a couple sitting there. A husband and wife. And a discussion started about purdah. They asked why only there were men here and why the women were being segregated and placed in another tent. But when they had heard my speech and understood the spirit of purdah the lady said that in the west the freedom of women is only superficial. It is not true freedom. And she said that now that you have explained the concept of purdah I realize that in this lies the greatness of women. The people are beginning to understand the teachings of Islam. So our women, who sometimes develop a complex about purdah, they should not suffer from any such complex. Indeed their confidence should rise rather than practice it artificially and with some sort of complex.
One lady came with her husband. She said she liked everything about the event. She said she entertained a great deal of suspicion about Islam but today I have realized that Islam stands only for goodness. Then she says that I liked this statement of the Imam of the Jama’at that we should live with one another in harmony and peace because we are the creation of one and same God – these things have left a very loving impact upon me.
Her husband said that I also harbored much suspicion as to what your An Khalifa was going to talk about. But having listened to his speech I will say now only that I agree with his every statement. Now I realize that mosques are in fact the houses of peace. Whatever he has said in his speech has all to do with peace. Instead of being afraid of each other everyone should have trust each other and have confidence in each other. He says that now having heard these things there is left no kind of fear in my mind with respect to this mosque.
A friend had come who said that he is an atheist and an opponent of religion, but your Khalifa has today made it apparent that he is tolerant of every kind of person and by his actions it has also become established that Islam is a religion of tolerance. The message of the Khalifa was that we must put an end to our disputes and differences and end all our fighting. All the things that the Khalifa said the world needs today with great urgency.
A lady says that the things that the Imam of the Jamaat said are what is needed greatly. The world is becoming increasingly divided but the address of the Imam of the Jama’at was such as can unite everyone. Not only Muslims should be listening to the Khalifatul Masih. Indeed Christians, Jews and indeed all the people should be paying attention to what he is saying. She says that having listened to all these things has changed my negative opinion about ISlam into a positive one.
The news was widely spread here also. A local Nordhorn newspaper carried the news of the foundation stone laying and said that true Muslims promote peace and security. Through these newspapers some 320,000 people received the message.
The local TV aired the Sadiq Mosque news and a few million viewed it. A local newspaper with 170,000 circulation gave the news. News was aired on radio too. In total the news of the foundation stone laying of the two mosques reached some 490,000 people through the print media. Those who received the news through TV & Radio were in the millions.
Jamia Ahmadiyya Germany First batch also had their convocation. 16 Missionaries passed after completing their seven years of study. This was the main purpose of visiting Germany. Jamia was started in 2008 in a small building. Now they have a full building with all needed facilities. The buildings are quite beautiful. The convocation also went well. May Allah enable the missionaries to fulfill their dedication in the proper manner. Aameen.
The Promised Messiah (as) says at one place: Allah, the Exalted, has made very great promises with our Jama’at. No human or worldly effort or means or farsightedness or wisdom or thinking can take us to the fulfilment of these promises. God Himself will make available all the needed means. Then this task will reach its fulfilment.
Then he said: I know that God has established this Movement and it is progressing by His Grace. The truth is that until it becomes the will of Allah, the Exalted, no community can make progress or flourish. But when Allah, the Exalted, so desires for a community, it becomes like unto a seed. And just as in the beginning, no one can understand the potentialities of the seed they think also impossible,the possibilities of progress and flourishing of that community in the beginning.
But when the decree of Allah, the Exalted, makes a determination that it should happen, then that thing starts to in fact occur and take place.
And there is the promise of Allah with the Promised Messiah that the Jama’at will flourish and spread and grow and we witness this being the manner in which Allah is dealing with the Jama’at everywhere.
This report that I have presented of all that happened is entirely due to Allah’s doing. It has nothing to do with the being of any person or of some persons who were involved in the making of the arrangements or with their amazing abilities. But, yes, understanding the decree of Allah, we should strive to do all we can so we can be part of this and be among those who receive the Grace of Allah the Exalted.
May Allah enable us to do so.
After Jumu’ah prayers I will lead a funeral in-absentia. That of Respected Mirza Azhar Ahmad Sahib, son of Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) who passed away on October 14, 2015. Inna lillahay wa inna elaihay rajayoon! He was the last living son of Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra). This was the last of the men from the second generation after the Promised Messiah (as) and now the third and fourth generations are there and we pray that they all remain steadfastly devoted to the faith. Aameen!
Born on 17th October 1930 to Umm-e-Nasir (rh). He did his initial education in Qadian getting his matriculation there. He entered the Jamia after partition. He served in Tehreek-e-Jadeed after completing Jamia for one year. It was the desire of Hazrat Musleh Maud that one of his children serve in the finance department also and so he was given this task. He spent most of his life in the Jama’at’s treasury department. He was very loyal to Khilafat. He served in the Furqan Battalion also. He was my maternal uncle but showed the utmost of respect. When I saw him at the first Jalsa in 2003 standing in the rush of the people and he saw me he waved his hands with great emotion. I could see sincerity in every gesture.
May Allah be merciful to Him and deal with him with love and affection. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II read his nikah in 1956 with Qaisra Khanum Sahiba. He had 2 daughters & 2sons. One of his sons-in-law is a life devotee in Rabwah and one lives in London, Dr Irfan. May Allah be merciful to him and grant him a place with His beloveds.
All praise is due to Allah. We laud Him, we beseech help from Him and ask His protection; We confide in Him, we trust Him alone and we seek protection against the evils. Whomsoever He guides on the right path, none can misguide him. He is alone and has no partner. We bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. O servants of Allah! May Allah be merciful to you. Verily, Allah commands you to act with justice. Forbids evil which pertain to your own selves and evils which affect others. He warns you against being unmindful. Remember Allah; He too will remember you. Call on Him and He will make a response to your call. Verily divine remembrance is the highest virtue.