Last Friday, while speaking in regard to the Promised Messiah (as) I mentioned that he stated: “If a person prays fervently to Allah Almighty for forty days in his prayers and remains unbiased and is free from any kind of stubbornness, then God Almighty will disclose the truth for him within this period.” Nevertheless, it is absolutely essential for such a person to have a pure heart. A heart that is free from every type of prejudice. Otherwise, the Promised Messiah (as) also said: “The people whose hearts retain rancor, anger and are void of pure thoughts, they will always say that ‘God Almighty did not guide us through dreams’ or ‘Or God informed us to oppose you’.” In any case, God Almighty guides those who pray with a pure heart.
During the time of the Promised Messiah (as), God Almighty guided many people through dreams in his life. Once it was mentioned during a gathering that someone from Lahore wrote a letter in which they wrote that a saint in Lahore said, ‘Mirza sahib’s continuous progress proves his truthfulness.’ At this, another dervish said, ‘Let me inquire about this matter as well [from God].’ And so, the next day he said, ‘God has informed me that Mirza is a Maula (master).’ Upon hearing this the other dervish said, ‘God must have said ‘Maulana’. This means that he [Mirza] is your Maula and my Maula and everyone’s Maula.’ When the Promised Messiah (as) heard this, he said ‘Nowadays, people see many dreams and visions. It seems as if God Almighty desires to inform people of the truth through dreams.’
Then the Promised Messiah (as) narrated the account of a man who had intended to write a book against the Promised Messiah (as). This person saw the Holy Prophet (sa) in his dream. The Holy Prophet (sa) said that you are writing against Mirza sahib but in reality, Mirza sahib is truthful.’ Thus, God Almighty prevents the righteous-natured people from taking wrong actions by guiding them in this way.
A person from Mali, which is a country in West Africa, received guidance from Allah the Exalted regarding the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah (as) in this manner. The missionary there writes that Mustafa Diallo Sahib saw a dream one day that he was in an extremely beautiful house in paradise. Water was flowing to one side of the house, and there was a picture of a saint of white complexion in it and was wearing a turban. He says that a short while after seeing the dream, he visited one of his friends, and he saw the picture of this very saint in his house. He asked his friend about the saint in the picture, upon which he was told that this is the Imam Mahdi. Diallo Sahib attended the meeting of the community and made an announcement of becoming an Ahmadi following the meeting. following a further dream, Diallo Sahib formally pledged initiation there and then and entered the Jama’at. By the grace of Allah, he is a very active member.
Similarly, a new convert, named Kone Adama, from the city of Gralao in Ivory Coast saw in a dream that a person directs him to go to the Ahmadiyya mosque in order to offer the prayers. Hence, after seeing this dream he says that I was satisfied and entered the Jama’at by doing Bai’at [pledging initiation].
Similarly, there is a lady from Yemen, Jamila Sahiba. With regards to her account of accepting Ahmadiyyat she says: ‘I spent time in days of solitude seeking spiritual development, I saw in a dream that a very large star in likeness to the moon descended upon the earth and was walking on the earth. Following this, it entered our house through the roof. Only a few days later, I saw a further five stars in another dream, which are walking on the earth in a single file. However, they are smaller in size in comparison to the star I saw earlier.’ The interpretation was perhaps not clear to Jamila Sahiba, however, the first star she saw is most probably the Promised Messiah (as) and the others are the five caliphs. Nevertheless, she says: ‘I was then introduced to the Jama’at through MTA, I heard in the programme “Al-Hiwar-ul-Mubashir” that those in search of the truthfulness of Hazrat Imam Mahdi (as) should offer the Istikhara prayer [prayer seeking good in a particular matter] and beseech God the Exalted for guidance. Hence, she says that according to the prescribed way, she offered two rak’at [units of prayer] and went to sleep. She says that the same night, I saw in a dream that I saw Hazrat Imam Mahdi (as. His face was glowing in the likeness of a bright moon and his eyes were filled with sorrow. When I carefully looked at his face, [I saw that] it was the face of the same Imam Mahdi and Promised Messiah, which I had seen on MTA. When I woke up, my eyes were filled with tears. She says that following this dream, I was certain that this is the truth and that this person is the Imam of the time. Hence, I decided to pledge initiation to this Imam.’
She is from Yemen. Everyone is aware that the circumstances in Yemen are very dire these days. Their neighbouring country, Saudi Arabia, has closed all routes to Yemen via sea and via air. Innocent children, women and elderly people are dying because of not having any food or facilities for medical treatment. Muslims are killing other Muslims, and the reason for this is that they have not accepted the Imam of the time. Pray for them as well that Allah the Exalted may change their circumstances and so that they may breathe a breath of freedom and comfort. May Allah the Exalted have mercy on them.
Some pure-natured people believe Ahmadiyyat to be true in their hearts, yet, they do not do Bai’at [pledge initiation] due to various reasons. With regards to how Allah the Exalted draws their attention towards doing Bai’at [pledging initiation] and formally joining the Jama’at, our Mu’allim [religious teacher] from the region of Kayes in Mali writes that a close friend of our friend, ‘Abdul Hay Jabi Sahib, suddenly passed away in the last ten days of the month of Ramadhan. One day, he saw in a dream that he was travelling by bus with this a deceased friend of his. His friend said to him, ‘the Jama’at you are about to enter is a true Jama’at and I am also entering this Jama’at.’ After this, he accepted truth and became an Ahmadi.
A friend from Egypt, Mahmood Ghareeb Sahib states: ‘Since the age of 9 I have been hearing a powerful voice in my dream which continues to ring in my ears. Then in 2010, when I became aware of MTA and I heard some sayings of the Promised Messiah (as) in the voices of Muhammad Shareef Odeh and Asad Musa Odeh, I immediately realised that this was the same voice I used to hear in my dreams since the age of 9. Hence, I began watching MTA with greater interest. One day I was watching MTA and the picture of the Promised Messiah (as) came up. Addressing him I said, ‘I ask you by God, are you truthful in your claims or not?’ After this he went to work. When he returned in the evening he turned on the TV straight away and tuned in to MTA. The extract of the Promised Messiah (as) was being read out: That is to say O my people! I have been sent by God Almighty. I have been sent by God Almighty. I have been sent by God Almighty and I call my Lord to witness that I am from God Almighty. When I heard this, I fell to my knees and uncontrollably started saying peace be upon you, peace be upon you. He then took the Bai’at [oath of allegiance].
Describing how he entered into the community, Jameel Zaran Sahib, a friend from Jordan says: One night I saw in a dream that I am standing alone on a road which is straight and firm. All of a sudden, a modern Mercedes car comes, in which the person sat on the seat next to the drivers instructs me to drive the car. I sit in the driver’s seat. In my heart I felt I was sat with the Imam Mahdi (as). I started to feel alarmed. As the car was running people with dark faces appeared and started firing at us but we reached our destination safely. In this vision I park the car and the Imam Mahdi (as) tells me to disembark and open the boot of the car. I get out of the car and open the boot. In it there is a lovely wooden box in which there is a very beautiful 5-year old boy who looks at me. When I woke up I was very pleased with this dream and thought to myself that this is definitely a message from God. My interpretation of it was that the new car represents a new journey of life. The dark-faced people firing at us represented the words and actions in opposition to this new journey which will have no effect. Secrets are kept in the lovely box and the 5-year old represents some glad tidings which will come to fulfilment within 5 years. Astonishingly, my new life journey commenced when I came to know of the Ahmadiyya Community and I was enabled to enter into the Jamaat in the blessed era of the fifth Khalifa.
Then a friend from Syria, Muhammad Abdullah Sahib, who is in Canada nowadays states: ‘I worked as a salesman and I was acquainted with the son of one of my customers. This young man was an Ahmadi. My relationship with him increased so he informed me of the fundamental teachings of the Community and its reformative understandings. He gave me the Arabic translation of Islami Usul Ki Philosophy (Philosophy of the teachings of Islam) and I was very much impressed having read it. I really liked the logical points in it. I had firm faith, through a true vision that God Almighty would not let me go to waste and would most certainly guide me, therefore, keeping this in mind I began to do istikhara [prayer seeking good]. I saw a pious relative of mine in my dream who handed me a paper saying it was from the Holy Prophet (sa). I enthusiastically opened it very quickly and written inside it was: ‘peace and blessings of Allah be upon you’. I woke up very happy and was reciting the Quranic verse: That is, ‘Enter therein with peace, in safety’. It was a clear message to enter into the Community. I was sure that this was the answer to my istikhara so then I took the oath of allegiance.’
Whilst relating how she took the oath of allegiance, a woman from Syria says: I saw in my dream that a man invited me to watch a new satellite channel and when I started to watch the MTA, I watched the programme Al Hiwar. All of a sudden, I remembered that this is that very man who I saw in the field setting up the satellite channel and I had promised him in the dream to watch the channel. Having recalled my promise I began watching that channel and became fond of it. When saw the photograph of the Promised Messiah (as), I was excited to realise that I have seen him in my dream as a saviour of the Muslim Ummah. I informed my close relatives and friends about this channel and the Community but the majority of them did not take what I told them seriously. Despite that, my sister and aunt continued watching MTA for a number of days and after doing so decided to pledge their allegiance. Afterwards my mother, brother and two other sisters also took the oath of allegiance.’ Her name was Ghanal Eejan Sahiba.
A friend from Egypt, Saeed Rukha Sahib related two long dreams in which he saw the Holy Prophet (sa) twice, with two different physical appearances. This confused him. Many years passed by and one day, I was watching different channels on the television when I came across MTA [Muslim Television Ahmadiyya]. The program Al-Hiwar Al-Mubasharwas being televised in which they were discussing the death of Jesus (as). After a while, during the program Sharif Odeh Sahib said that they will take a break in which the audience will be able to listen to the Qaseedah [Arabic poetry i.e. an Ode] by the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi (as). Alongside the Qaseedah a picture of a man was being displayed which astounded me. The picture was the same person that I saw in my dream about whom I was informed that he was the Holy Prophet (sa). When the truth dawned on me I did not confide in anyone, and along with my wife we began to watch MTA covertly. After a month had passed I asked my wife what her views were about this community. She said: “In my opinion this is a true and genuine community”. I then informed her about my two dreams in which I was shown the Promised Messiah (as) and was informed that he was the Holy Prophet (sa); i.e. since the Promised Messiah (as) was the most ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet (sa), for this reason if one sees him it means that the Promised Messiah (as) was the second coming of the Holy Prophet (sa), and this is exactly what the Holy Prophet (sa) had stated.”
Our missionary from Ivory Coast, Basit Sahib, writes: A group of people from the Kachalo village requested us to come and preach to them. The next day along with a delegation we arrived at the village and we started the Tabligh programme after the Ishaa prayer. The Tablighprogramme started at 10pm and continued till 3am in the morning. Many Muslims, Christians and Muhsrik [polytheists] were present among the audience.’ People think that people from Africa easily accept the message, however this meeting lasted for 5-6 hours and they asked many questions. He further writes:
‘The chief of the village, Mr Jimandi, also heard everything that was said during this programme and by the grace of God Almighty 160 people did the Bai’at and entered the fold of Ahmadiyyat. At 8 am we then visited the house of the chief and those who had newly converted [to Ahmadiyyat] were also with us. it was there that the Chief related one of his dreams which he saw a year earlier in 2014. He said that he saw he was sitting in his house and two white aeroplanes came. One of the aeroplanes returned some distance before the village, while the other landed quite close to them on a tree. They then placed a ladder and climbed ono the plane and saw that the passengers seated inside were all Muslims and gave him a book. He came back down and looked at the book which transformed into a beautiful gold book and then due to the sound of the Adhan he woke up. Then, our missionary interpreted this dream for the village chief and said: ‘The two white aeroplanes in fact mean two white cars; one of them was not able to reach your house and the other did.’ He then said: ‘Both mine and Amir Sb’s cars are white. Before arriving at the village, Amir Sb came to our town but then turned back midway in his white car. The meaning of placing a ladder and climbing up on it is in fact your effort in regard to seeking and finding out more about Islam as you listened to what was being preached till 3am. As far as the book is concerned, it is said regarding the Mahdi who was to appear that he shall distribute treasures and you have also been given this literature which are in fact treasures. After hearing this interpretation, the chief leaped up and with great passion immediately announced to become a Muslim and repented from his idolatrous practises.’
Thus, God Almighty even provides the means for guidance to idolaters as well. A lady from France, Nadia Sahiba, states: ‘My husband was Ahmadi from before, however I had not done the Bai’at. I prayed to God Almighty that O Allah! Guide me. During this time, I saw a dream that I was sitting in the library inside Masjid Mubarak in France (we have a mosque there). I then saw my late father in the dream who gifted me a copy of the Holy Quran and along with it a document. After this dream I accepted Ahmadiyyat and then realised that the document which my father gave me was in fact the Bai’at form and thus as a result of this I accepted Ahmadiyyat.’
Another friend, Rizwan Sahib from Algeria, writes: ‘After being introduced to Ahmadiyyat, I became totally devoted to watching MTA. I performed the Istikhara prayer and in the night, I saw in my dream that all five Khulafa of the Promised Messiah (as) came to my house and I am sitting amidst them. The dream though was brief but carried a clear message for me. In 2009 I did the Bai’at.’
These were just a few accounts which I have related and there are many other accounts like this. May God Almighty increase the newcomers in their faith and belief and also in their sincerity and devotion. And we, who are Ahmadis for a long time, may we also increase in our sincerity and faith.