Some people ask how to develop fervour in worship of God. They say they try but cannot generate the requisite condition. It should be remembered that man should consistently try in this regard, firm in the faith that whatever is granted is from God alone. This will instil the condition which will lead man to be close to God and enhances fervour in worship.
Someone asked the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) how to inculcate fervour in worship of God. He replied: fervour in good works and worship of God cannot be instilled by itself or through one’s own efforts. It comes with the grace and enablement of God. Therefore it is important not to feel perturbed and to continue to pray to God for His grace and enablement and not tire in praying for this. When a person consistently follows this, God, through His grace, ultimately creates the state for which man is eager and keen, that is, passion, fervency and pleasure is generated in worship of God. This does not come to pass if a person does not spiritually strive and endeavour for it and imagines that he would attain this state with the simple blowing of someone’s mouth! This is not the principle and the way of God. This attitude is tantamount to trifling with God and anyone who follows this is ultimately ruined. It should be well remembered that one’s heart is in God’s hand and without His grace, one could turn Christian or become irreligious any time. This is why prayers should be made all the time and God’s help sought to remain on the right path. One who disregard God becomes satanic. This is why it is important for man to continually engage in istaghfar (seeking forgiveness of God) so that the toxin that ruins a person is not created. The prerequisite is for man to be consistent and remain firm in the faith that there is no one to turn to except God. When one shuts all other avenues and turns to God alone, the condition is developed which takes one close to God. And for this constant Divine help should be sought. When man engages in istaghfar he will turn Satan away and as a result will pray with passion to come into Divine refuge and also for greater Divine nearness. God’s grace befalls when this condition is attained.
May God enable us to be His true servants and to do good and also be steadfast!