This Friday sermon was delivered by Khalifatul Masih V (may God strengthen his hands) on 25th of November, 2016, from Baitul Futuh mosque, London. After Tashahud and Surah Fatiha, Huzoor recited the following verse from the Holy Quran:
“O ye who believe! Be strict in observing justice, and be witnesses for Allah, even though it be against yourself or against parents and kindred. Whether he be rich or poor, Allah is more regardful of them both than you are. Therefore, follow not low desires so that you may be able to act equitably. And if you conceal the truth or evade it, then remember that Allah is aware of what you do.” (4:136)
Then Huzoor continued: We tell the world that Islamic teaching is the solution to the problems of the world. For that, we present the Quranic education. During my visit to Canada, a journalist asked what solution for the current problems do we present. I told him, “You worldly people and big global powers, in their own selves, have exhausted your efforts to solve problems, establish peace and stop terrorism. Problems are still there where they were. If it subsides at one place, the fire erupts at another place. You try to bring that under control, and the disturbances start at the first place. All the materialistic ways have been used up to stop these upheavals. There is only one way that has not yet been tried. And that is the solution in the light of the Islamic teaching.” They keep quiet at that. we should also see that, unfortunately, the Islamic countries also raised the slogan of Islam; but did not act or even tried to act upon the teaching given by God, what Islam wants, and the practice established by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). The result is that the most tumultuous countries are Islamic countries. What could be a greater tragedy?
Until now, no journalist has directly told me that if these instructions have any practicality then the Islamic countries should reform themselves first. These questions can arise in their minds and they may be coming up. That is why, in my speeches in front of others, I expose the faces of these powers, after mentioning the state of affairs of the Muslims. And, before the journalists and in different interviews I relate, that Muslims’ not acting upon them is a proof of the truth of Islam and the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him). The Holy Prophet had clearly told that the Muslims will be in such a condition that they would have forgotten the essence of the Islamic teaching and their base desires and personal interests will become their preferences. And when such a situation will emerge, his true servant will be born. His advent is mentioned in the Holy Quran and the signs of his advent are stated in the Holy Quran and are also clearly explained by the Holy Prophet (peace be on him).
Therefore, rather than being worried, in a way, it is a matter of happiness for an Ahmadi Muslim. There is a matter of satisfaction that the state of the Muslims told by the Holy Prophet (peace be on him), and especially the condition of the scholars prophesied by him, has come true and we became witnesses to that. Even the non-Ahmadi Muslims have started saying that, and are particularly raising their voices against their scholars. Though the voices are muffled, but we Ahmadis are happy for a reason that we are included among those who are going to prove the second part of the prophesy and are among the believers of the one sent by God and the true servant of the Holy Prophet (peace be on him)- the Promised Messiah and the Mahdi (peace be on him). Through him started the renaissance of Islam. But, will only the mention of this make us the achievers of our purpose. This is a question, we all need to ponder over!
The verse that I have recited, I have, many times, related it in my speeches and addresses to others. I tell them that when Islam talks about upholding justice and equity, the standard that it wants to establish for that is stated in this verse. Most of the people are much impressed by it. They talk about it in their offices as well. But our job is not to impress them academically. To further the mission of the Promised Messiah (peace be on him), we need to show the practical examples of the Quranic injunctions through our deeds. We don’t have a government that we can show the samples of these commandments at the government level. God willing, when that time comes, we will have to illustrate these exemplars at an elevated level. But, currently, we need to establish these models at community and societal levels. The world can question us that though we don’t have governance jurisdictions, but we have a communal system. You are a community. You claim to rise up and sit down at a single command. You interact in economic and social matters. Do you settle your deals according to these standards of justice and honesty?
God has used the word ‘justice’ at a place in the beginning of this verse and ‘equity’ at another place, which means equality, complete justice, and high moral standard, being absolutely clear of any bias, and working without influence and bending on one side. Now, all of us need to examine if we decide our dealings by keeping the aforesaid matters in perspective. Are we ready to witness against ourselves to uphold these standards? Are we ready to witness against our kindred to establish these norms? “Kindred” here, first of all mean children. Do we have the courage to suppress our wishes to bring up these norms? Can we practically prove it? These are not insignificant matters.
In this age, the true servant of the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) demonstrated these norms. It is related that when his father was the landlord of that area of Qadian, family litigation started with the farm laborers and by speaking the truth in favor of the laborers, he did not care about the monetary loss to the family. Even though the farm laborers knew that he was the part owner, they asked the court to decide on his statement because they knew that he will always bear witness on the basis of truth and justice. So, he witnessed in their favor. He wants to set the same standard among his followers because he wants to create such a community that would act upon the commandments of the Holy Quran and whose good deeds will be of high quality. That is why a covenant to accept the complete authority of the Holy Quran has been taken from us in the initiation.
At another place, in the Holy Quran, God says:
“and let not a people’s enmity incite you to act otherwise than with justice. Be always just, that is nearest to righteousness.” (5:9)
The Promised Messiah (peace be on him) says in this regard that animosity toward opposing communities should not impede you from doing justice. Be steadfast with justice because there is righteousness in it. He said, “I utter with plain truth that it is easy to act to the detriment of the adversary, but to protect the rights of the enemies and not to let justice and equity go out of hand in the law suits against them is very difficult and befits only courageous men.” He further says, “Most people love their enemy relatives and treat them with sweat talk but take away their rights. A brother loves his brother and usurps his rights in the garb of love.” The Promised Messiah (peace be on him) expects from his community to have high standards, and to act according to the doctrine of the Holy Quran. Don’t join ranks with the usurpers of rights and doers of injustice. If you get the authority to declare verdict, decide by disregarding the relations even if it harms yourself, your parents, your close relatives or children. The high standards of justice must be upheld invariably. So, when we shall set these high standards among ourselves, only then we shall be able to tell the world that we are the ones who, by bringing about a change in ourselves, by acting on the Islamic teaching, have the courage to dispense justice, and we do it even to our enemies. We bear witness truthfully even if it is against ourselves, our parents, our children or those who are close to us.
We are doing this because we have to lead the world in future. If these examples are not there, then we shall be breaking our trusts of our bonds by alienating ourselves from God’s injunctions. So, every Ahmadi, and I would say here, in particular, the office holders need to see that how far they are keeping up with the standards of justice and equity as they deliver the rights of their trusts and all of their decisions reach the high standards of justice. When I visited Canada, there also, people complained about some office bearers or those who have been entrusted with some services, that they do not do justice. Some tend to or do favor their near ones in their decisions. This is true that the decision has to be given in favor of a party and against the other one, but both parties should have assurance that they have been heard and the decision has been reached according to the intellectual abilities of the judge. Among the public dealing departments, there is a department of Qaza, that decides the cases where the people have differences. Then, Amoore Aama department has some connection. Then there is Tarbiyyat department and the Islahi Committee and there are commissions constituted to research certain matters and the commission holds hearings. Therefore, every department must decide after cogitating, deliberating, using all of its capabilities, and considering all the fine points. Pray and seek help from God to grant the capability to reach a just decision. You must pray before reaching any decision. There are some who say that they do not decide unless they offer supererogatory prayers before decision making. There are some who decide carelessly or under personal inclinations. Similarly, there is the office of the General Secretary connected to public dealing. It is the duty of the General Secretary and all those who are working in his office to treat every visitor with respect and dignity. Not that those who are liked or are friends are treated differently and those who are unknown or who don’t have good relations should be treated negatively. This should be overseen by the officers of all the remaining public departments that every worker and helper with them is performing his duties by fulfilling all the requirements of justice. These are the trusts given to the workers whether, at the time of the assignment of their work, they have pledged or not that they will discharge their duties fulfilling all the demands of justice. Acceptance of any duty by any worker is a pledge in itself that he will work by fulfilling the requirements of justice. This is such a trust that should be purely for God.
Generally, it is the duty of every faithful who is bound to protect and fulfill his trust and pledge as God says in the Holy Quran:
“And who are watchful of their trusts and their covenants.” (23:9)
Those who work purely for God or say that they are doing it for the sake of Allah- How much careful they should be? – those who have been especially assigned these duties; even more careful than a common faithful. Here, I want to clarify that you should not think that only central office bearers are being addressed here. Presidents and the members of their executive body are also included who need to see if they are meeting all the demands of justice. This is not about Canada only; there are complaints from Germany and certain other countries as well. Therefore, there is a need to set their conduct aright everywhere, otherwise by not fulfilling the requirements of justice, they are not only ignoring their trusts and pledges but also breaking their trusts. Allah says that He does not favor those who break their trusts. Instead of serving and earning blessings, they are incurring the displeasure of God by doing injustice and showing arrogant behavior. So, wherever mistakes are made, instead of finding lame excuses, they should ask for forgiveness and try to reform. So, our office bearers should examine themselves that if they are meeting the demands of justice by following the principles told by God. Are they doing justice to their work and are they dispensing justice to those who have business with them? Being president, secretary or amir by itself doesn’t have any merit. These offices cannot bring forgiveness for anyone nor do they favor God or His community. There is no gain if they are not delivering their trusts and pledges, as God wants them to do with purity of heart. So, every office bearer has to work genuinely for God’s sake and fulfill the requirements of justice. If a matter is brought forth that has been decided wrongfully, then, as I have said, they should admit their mistakes and rectify those decisions. Mend your ways and remember Allah’s commandment:
“and speak to men kindly” (2:84)
As I have said, office bearers need to assess their conduct in every country of the world. If I cited Canada or the thought evolved from there, the reason is that the community there is more known by others and familiarity has increased after my visit and we are more in the limelight in the sight of others. For that reason, we need to set our norms in every field. Our office bearer particularly and every Ahmadi generally, should serve as a role model before the world. Where there are spectacles of disorder disarray, and usurping of rights in the world, there should be displays of justice and fulfillment of rights in the Jama’at. With that perspective, the world will assess the Jama’at with its members as role models. Therefore, every Ahmadi should remember that it is not the responsibility of the office holders only. All Ahmadis are responsible to found exemplary models in their relationships, fulfill the demands of justice, and take their conducts to a higher level. They should purge themselves of any kind of partiality in their mutual dealings. They should not be biased towards any side. The attestation and statement of an Ahmadi should be exemplary in their equity and truthfulness and the world should proclaim that if an Ahmadi is bearing witness, it cannot be challenged because that testimony is at the high standard of justice. If we achieve that, then, we are true to our speeches and propagation, otherwise, we are just like others.
Every Ahmadi should remember that, in our initiation, we have pledged to refrain from all kinds of vices and ignoring the pledge and not acting upon it is tantamount to breaking the trust. While telling the sign of a true faithful, The Holy Prophet (peace be on him) says that faith and infidelity, and truth and falsehood cannot exist together in any person’s heart. Then, in a Hadith, he says and all office holders should remember, that a faithful cannot break the trust in three matters. Here are those three things: 1) truthfulness of intention in Godly matters. 2) mutual goodwill for every Muslim. 3) living together with Muslim community. So, as I stated, justly fulfilling the responsibilities of God’s faith and do it with good intention is to deliver Allah’s trust. And similarly, everybody must observe others’ rights. When everyone will deliver each other’s rights, the race for attaining rights will end automatically. People will deliver rights rather than demand them. This is the true sign of a Muslim as told by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). And again, every Ahmadi should remember that it is being one with the Jama’at of Muslims that makes you a True Muslim.
At this time, there is one and only one Jama’at which is called Jama’at Ahmadiyya Muslama. And this is the only Jama’at which is known by a single name throughout the world. There is no other international Jama’at that is known by one name throughout the world. Thus, to stick together with it and become a part of the system of the Jama’at is what makes a true Muslim according to the saying of the Holy Prophet (peace be on him). Being that fortunate, every Ahmadi cannot be thankful enough to God. The true thankfulness is a complete allegiance to the system of Jama’at and to the obedience to Khilafat. May Allah grant every Ahmadi the capacity for that gratefulness and may grant the ability to fulfill the demands of justice. Then, if any kind of testimony is needed, they will not break the trust. May every official of the Jama’at understand his responsibilities, be able to fulfill his pledgees and trusts, and be discharging his responsibilities in accordance with the demands of justice.
May this beautiful education continue in our generations and we should work toward that as well; so that when the time comes, we shall be able to show the true justice established in the world. The justice that was established by the Holy Prophet (peace be on him), and the norms for which were set by his true servant in this age as well, and which was also expected from his followers. May Allah give us the ability to do so as well. Ameen.
Huzoor announced the funeral prayers of Adnan Muhammad Sahib of Syria, Bashir Begum Sahiba, wife of Manzoor Ahmad Cheema Sahib, and Rana Mubarak Ahmad Sahib.