After reciting the Tashahhud, Ta’uz, Tasmia and Sura Fatiah Hazrat Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen (aba) said:
Huzur said that whenever he had the opportunity to sit with representatives of the world press as well as non-Muslims and whenever he got the opportunity for questions and answers or to converse [with them], they most certainly ask this question in one way or another, be it directly or indirectly, that what is the reason for the fear of Islam in the world and how can this be removed?
Huzur said this is nothing new and this question has been raised many times before as well. This very question opens our paths of Tabligh [propagating the true message of Islam]. If this fear is increasing, it is due to some so called Muslim groups or individuals committing ruthless acts and carrying out terrorist attacks in the name of Islam. The reaction or the concerns of the non-Muslims are also justified in that they are developing a fear of Muslims. However, our reaction is not a negative one. Huzur said I always tell them that such groups and individuals are emerging due to the wrong training of scholars or so called scholars and due to not understanding the true teachings of Islam. This is exactly in line with the prophecy of the Holy Prophet (saw). At such a time, it was prophesied that the Promised Messiah and Mahdi would appear, who was to spread the true teachings of Islam in the world and according to our belief, the founder of the Ahmadiyya Community is that promised one, about whom this prophecy refers to. Thus, our response is in accordance with the teachings of the Promised Messiah (as) that he imparted to us, which are to spread the peaceful and harmonious message of Islam. Thus, we are acting in accordance with these teachings everywhere in the world.
The Promised Messiah (as) has told us that every kind of extremism, terrorism and cruelty is against the teachings of Islam. The Promised Messiah (as) informed us that: “Since the day this world was created, the truthful ones of every nation have testified to the fact that adopting the attributes of God Almighty is the elixir of life necessary for human existence.” Thus, Allah the Exalted, Who is the fountain of peace, desires this from a Muslim and this is the very command of the Holy Qur’an that His attributes and qualities are adopted.
The Promised Messiah (as) stated that God Almighty is the Lord of all the worlds and His Rabubiyyat [Lordship] is not confined to any specific nation, era or country. Rather, He is the Lord of every nation, the Lord of every era, the Lord of every place and He is the Lord of every country. He is the Fountainhead of every blessing and every physical and spiritual might originates from Him. Everything that exists is nourished by Him and He is the Support for every being.
Hence, this is the knowledge and understanding of the Holy Qur’an, which the Promised Messiah (as) has bestowed to us. This is the remedy which is essential in order to spread peace and harmony in the world. This is the very aspect which can lay the foundation of reconciliation in the world and this is the message which the members of the Ahmadiyya Community endeavour to spread to every corner of the world.
Thus, in light of these teachings when we explain to the world the path that leads to peace, brotherhood, reconciliation and tranquillity, most pious natured non-Muslims unequivocally state that these teachings of Islam are indeed beautiful. Hence, this was expressed on various functions during this tour of mine to Germany as well where guests attended the inauguration of two mosques and also the foundation stone laying ceremony of a further two mosques.
One of the guests said: “I too had the opportunity to gain some blessings from this gathering of yours and it was an honour to be present. Had I not come here today, I would have certainly been deprived of something magnificent. I have been introduced to that true Islam through the Ahmadiyya Community which is in complete contrast to the ‘Islam’ of hatred and extremism seen on TV. Here, I have received peace and love not only through mere words, but I have met such people who practically do not wish for any hatred.’
Thus, the personal conduct of every Ahmadi also serves as a silent Tabligh [preaching the message].
Our well-mannered Ahmadi children are also exerting a positive influence on their local environment. Regarding this one of the lady guests said the following while expressing her views: ‘I owe you gratitude at the fact that my children have Ahmadi friends. Since my children have formed a friendship with Ahmadi children, I have observed a positive and good change in them. Due to this, I wanted to enquire about your teachings. After coming here today, I have ascertained that my children are in the company of good friends and are safe.'”
Thus, this silent Tabligh [preaching], which is taking place due to the children puts an onus upon Ahmadi parents to continue to raise their standards of moral training and also to pray for them so that Ahmadi children always continue to exert a pious influence on others and safeguard themselves from the evils of the society. It is this pious influence which, God willing, will play a role in spreading the message of the true Islam in the future. When these non-Muslim children will grow older in the company of Ahmadi children, and as long as they change their mind set in line with the Islamic teachings, God willing, many among those non-Muslim children will enter the fold of Ahmadiyyat.
Mrs Julia, one of the guests that attended said: “The overall function was delightful. I enjoyed the part of the speech where it was mentioned that if one does not fulfil the rights of others, then worshipping God has no value.” She further stated: “Prior to coming here, I held this belief that Islam was a religion that endorsed fundamentalism and extremism. However, this speech today has removed all my negative sentiments towards Islam. I am now more aware of the Islamic teachings of peace and love.”
Thus, one can be inspired to such an extent, but is this simply owing to man’s effort? Indeed, it is Allah the Almighty Who inspires this transformation in one’s disposition and it is our duty now to benefit from this and strive to bring people closer to God Almighty. However, before doing so, we must also assess our own conditions and do our utmost in order to seek the nearness of Allah the Almighty.
Huzur said that there were countless comments [form the events] and I have only selected a few from among them. Similarly, the functions also received extensive press and media coverage. The total media coverage from all the mosques through the various TV channels, radio stations and newspapers amounts to 54 outlets and 136 news reports. According to one estimate, the total coverage has reached out to 39 million people.
Huzur said by the grace of Allah the Almighty, the Tabligh department in Germany is very active and the other auxiliary organisations also work very well throughout the year. The number of people who receive the message [of Islam] during the course of the year is also in millions. As a result of this there is also opposition which is increasing particularly in the Eastern part of Germany. However despite this, we must continue to spread our message, God-willing.
When I travel on tours, I also briefly mention some of the reports of those countries. By the grace of Allah the Almighty a lot of work is happening here in the UK also. Since I do not go on any particular tours here and therefore I do not mention its reports and so perhaps some people may assume that no work is happening here. In fact, the efforts to spread the true teachings of Islam are also being carried out here on a large scale. The department for Tabligh and also the various auxiliary organisations are all working by the grace of God Almighty.
By the grace of Allah the Almighty a lot of good work is being done here also. For instance, the Peace Conference was held here in March and through this the message of Islam was conveyed not only to the people of UK but all over the world. I feel that the comments and reflections of people [attending this event] should also be read out as these have not been mentioned previously.
A church warden attended the Peace Symposium and said:
‘This was an extremely captivating and powerful message. It was a message about unity and this is something that our society needs. I also liked the fact that the Head of the Community quoted a verse form the Holy Quran and said that the followers of different religions should focus on those things that unite them. This is something that is very possible to act upon and people who do not follow any religion can also be included in this. Today, I have learnt about the commonalities that exist between Islam and Christianity. I also liked the significance of the meaning of prayer wherein the five prayers are obligatory however these are of no avail if one does not serve mankind.’
Another guest said:
“I am hopeful that our government will take note of these things and was extremely emotional after listening to the words and the prayer of the Khalifa regarding the future of the world wherein he said that we should leave behind a world full of prosperity but there was also a sense of worry that we may be leaving behind a world with a generation of children who will be handicapped.”
At this point I would like to remind the members of the Jamaat that the current situation of the world is deteriorating rapidly and a substantial amount of prayers are necessary. Major powers and even smaller countries are threatening to wage war. People such as leaders, politicians and columnists who were once optimistic that a world war is a farfetched prospect are now saying that it looks unavoidable, and in fact it is becoming more and more likely and they are threatening one another about a nuclear war.
We should pray to God Almighty to enable them to see reason. Furthermore, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh) once prescribed a homeopathic remedy to help in case of a nuclear war. The Jamaat members should now use this for at least six weeks. One medicine should be taken and after that the second medicine should be taken, for which there will be an announcement later on; Carcinosin and Radium Bromide.
Huzur said these are just some of the sentiments that I have presented before you. In this gathering more than six hundred people were present and all of them gave excellent responses. This was also covered widely by the media. In total over 9 million people received this news through the publication in external media sources.
Through social media this coverage reached 3.8 million people. There were representatives of between ten and twelve countries. Just as the message of the Jamaat is spreading rapidly, similarly our opposition is also increasing, especially in Muslim countries. Specifically in Algeria the opposition to the Jamaat has increased manifold and it is on the rise. I have already requested prayers for them.
On the 24th of this month there was a conference which took place in Algeria. They invited the former Minister of Religious Endowments, who told the Jamaat to give their views, which he would present to the chair of the conference. Initially they organised this seminar to familiarise themselves about the Jamaat. However later on they decided that they did not wish to know further about the Jamaat and instead there were speeches against the Jamaat. However, because of the opposition in Algeria, the locals there have said that the awareness of the Ahmadiyya Community has increased as a result of the media coverage and some people are interested in finding out more about the Jamaat. Our opponents have spread our message to those places where we were unable to do so.
There is also opposition in Pakistan, therefore Pray for the Ahmadis living in Algeria as well as the Ahmadis in Pakistan. Also pray for all those Ahmadis residing in those countries where opposition to Ahmadiyyat is boiling over that may God Almighty protect all of them; especially those living in Algeria, who have not been Ahmadi for long. May Allah grant them steadfastness and swiftly remove these hardships from them.