PAAMA UK Holds First General Meeting in New Era

Following the appointment of the new PAAMA executive by Huzur Aqdas, the first General Meeting was held on 10th May 2014. The secretaries made presentations about their relevant departments after which the newly appointed President, Tommy Kallon, delivered the Keynote Address wherein he set out his vision for PAAMA.
In his Keynote Address, the new President expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the countless messages of goodwill, support and prayers he had received from all quarters of PAAMA following his appointment. He advised African Ahmadis to lead virtuous lives in keeping with the noble aims and aspirations of our Jama’at; to reform ourselves, reinforce righteousness and defend the dignity of Africa and to continue in our lofty ambition of bringing hope, guidance and enlightenment to Africa – a continent bereft of leadership, in desperate need of salvation and in search of truth.”
At the end, the new President expressed his desire for PAAMA to become an all-inclusive Association where all members were actively involved and appealed to all PAAMA membership to step forward and volunteer their time and services to the Association.
Amir UK Sahib then joined for a special Farewell Session to recognise the contributions made by the outgoing Chairman, Issah Wemah and outgoing Vice Chairman, Bashir Adarabioyo. Amir Sahib presented them with gifts and certificates and flowers to their respective wives. Addressing the gathering, Amir Sahib paid tribute to Issah Wemah and his former executive congratulating them on their many accomplishments adding that the tenure of Issah Wemah will always be remembered for the series of Africa at 50 events held to celebrate the 50th Independence Day anniversaries of African states. Amir Sahib also expressed his hope that PAAMA continues to make strides under the new Presidency of Tommy Kallon.