IMG_7892As part of efforts to nurture the spirit of sisterhood and love amongst PAAMA Nasirat, the London Region of PAAMA Lajna organised its first ever field trip for the young girls on 5th April 2015. The day was a very exciting and interesting one for both the young girls and the accompanying Lajna members as it involved trips to two very dynamic museums, the Albert and Victoria Museum and the Science Museum in London.

The children’s excitement and enthusiasm during the tour of both museums prompted for the extension of the tours. They also exhibited very interesting ideas and creative talents through their interactions, artworks and some games they played. The girls displayed great enthusiasm during the tour, which made the trip worthwhile.
The accompanying Lajna members expressed their profound joys of seeing the girls interact, have fun and learn a lot together in an environment different from the everyday PAAMA Jama’at events. The Head of Lajna PAAMA UK, Mrs Faosat Sanni Sahiba, highlighted the fact that the trip embodied several underlying benefits for Lajna as it served as a platform to realise one of Lajna’s aims of building good relationships amongst Nasirat members at a tender age. She stressed that such initiatives would go a long way in making the young girls realise that in order to maintain strong ties as Ahmadi sisters, they could indulge in other productive activities. The heads of the Tarbiyyat and Internal Affairs departments also expressed their gratitude to all the accompanying ladies, other Lajna members and parents of the girls for the success of the day.