A delegation of the Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Nigeria (MKAN) recently visited Accra, Ghana, for a few international engagements. The delegation which was led by Popoola Ishaq Olamilekan (Muavin Sadr) consisted of Nurudeen Musa (Motamid Tehrik Jadid), Taofeeq Ajibade (Naib Mohtamim Tarbiyya)t, Ishaaqa Olagunju (Dila Qaid, Festac),  Sulaiman Gbadamosi (Lagos Ilaqa) and Ridwanullah Ogunsola. While in Ghana, the delegation attended the 38th Annual National Ijtema (Convention) of the Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya (MKA) Ghana, visited Muslim Television Ahmadiyya (MTA) International Ghana Studio and engaged in few bilateral discussions.  


At the MKA Ghana Ijtema, the delegation took part in strategic activities such asthe  opening and closing sessions, presentation of the MKAN Sadr’s (National President) Goodwill Message at the opening session, observation of the proceedings of some educational and sporting competitions, Route March of a distance of 8.7Km, part of Foreign Delegates’ Team which played a novelty football match against the Amila of MKA Ghana and a host of others events. During the closing session, the delegation had an opportunity of presenting MKAN’s Ahmadi Youth All African Games (AYAAG) Photo Albums to the Amir & Missionary-in-Charge of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana – Alhaji Maulvi Mohammed Bin Salih and Sadr, MKA Cote D’Ivoire.


With respect to the visit to MTA International Ghana Studio (named Wahab Adams Studio), the delegation was joined by other foreign delegates. At the studio, the delegation was received by Mr. Sadiq Abbas who doubles as the Office Manager for MTA and Muavin Sadr MKA Ghana. Mr. Sadiq took the delegates through the structures, services and mode of operations of MTA International at national, regional and global levels. In his remarks, the Coordinator of Ghana Studio, Mr. Kaleem Ahmad Qureshi, said, “This studio has seven departments which include: Administration, Programming, Production, Post-Production, Training, ICT, and Lajna. Our services also involve training people in programming, production, and post-production activities. The studio is open for the benefits of Jama’at members and beyond.” In his remarks, the head of the delegation, Popoola, said, “On behalf of the Sadr MKAN, Aina Sa’eed, we thank the management of this gigantic studio for the privilege to get first-hand information on the workings of the MTA International at all levels. We are aware that MKA members across the world constitute the majority in terms of volunteering services for the operations of MTA International studios. Insha Allah, members of MKAN will continue to work in this direction in order to vigorously support the vision of His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (ATBA), on the MTA projects. More so, the leadership of MKAN will be much interested to collaborate with your office and the management of MTA Africa on a number of issues which will be beneficial to the Jama’at as a whole and MKAN members in particular.”


In his thank you message, the Sadr MKA Ghana, Mr. Nasir Bonsu, acknowledged the gesture of Sadr MKAN,  Aina Saeed, for deeming it fit to send a delegation to the MKA Ghana Ijtema 2017. “Your presence really added colours to our Ijtema. Our thanks to the Sadr Sahib and all members of MKAN,” Mr. Bonsu concluded. The delegation which left Nigeria for Ghana on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 returned to Nigeria on Sunday, August 27, 2017.

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