The world today is characterised by so much violence that usually emanates from fanatical misunderstandings at grassroots levels. Recognising the fact that such chaos is leading the world towards a tumultuous future, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, through various initiatives strives to build and maintain peace at all levels of society, especially within local communities. In a bid to fulfil such a laudable objective, the Midlands Region of the Pan-African Muslim Association (PAAMA) UK, following consultation with PAAMA National President, Tommy Kallon Sahib, Regional Amir, Dr Muhammad Ashraf Khan Sahib and Regional Missionary, Maulana Abdul Ghaffar Sahib, invited their Shia Muslim counterparts to a Peace Convention aimed at promoting mutual understanding between the two communities and seeking ways to work together to promote peace in society.IMG_8271
The event was held at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Darul Barakat Mosque in Birmingham on 30th May 2015. In accordance with tradition, the event commenced with recitations from the Holy Quran by PAAMA Regional President Midlands, Thauban Ephram Sahib and translation into English by Ali Muhammad Sahib. This was followed by Swahili translations by a member of the Shia Muslims group, Mr. Shoaib Ladak. As Chair of the event, Regional Amir Dr. Muhammad Ashraf then welcomed the guests and gave a brief introduction to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
IMG_8263The head of the Shia Muslim delegation, Shiekh Muhammad Amin Evans, applauded the initiative as a milestone in establishing peace and harmony between the two communities. He also highlighted the fact that the event did not only serve as a platform to elucidate certain misconceptions but it also manifested that the two Communities share a lot more in common than meets the eye. For his part, Regional Missionary Maulana Ghaffar Sahib reiterated that inculcating peace and harmony within and between local communities is tantamount in ensuring a more tolerant and peaceful world order.
A member of the PAAMA Midlands Region, Farid Mahmood Mubashar Sahib, recited a poem celebrating love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). This was followed by a Question and Answer Session during which participants directed questions at both lead speakers. The event concluded with Silent Prayers led by Regional Amir, Dr Muhammed Ashraf after which a complimentary dinner was enjoyed by all attendees.