Pan-African Jalsa Salana Event 2017
Under the directives of Hadhrat Ameerul Mumineen, Khalifatul Masih V (aba), the Pan-African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (PAAMA) UK held a Pan-African Evening event at this year’s Jalsa Salana UK on Friday 28th July 2017. The event took place immediately after Huzur Aqdas’ Inaugural Address in the main Jalsa Gah at Hadeeqatul Mahdi.
The function was attended by over 600 African Americans, Africans from Europe, delegates from Africa and the Caribbean, African delegates from Europe and Africans in the UK. In attendance were the Amirs of Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, The Gambia, Mauritius, Uganda, Benin, Missionary In-charge USA, Missionary In-charge Belgium and In-charge Central French Desk. Also in attendance were distinguished Tabshir delegates from Africa and the Caribbean.
In his Welcome Address, Tommy Kallon Sahib, the President of the Pan-African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association gave a brief background and overview of PAAMA and what it stands for: “to unite, empower and inspire the African Ahmadiyya Muslim diaspora to serve Islam, society and Africa.” He enumerated some of the achievements of PAAMA over the last 30 years, highlighting the expansion of the Association to the USA and Italy as the latest advancement of PAAMA and acknowledged the presence of Maulana Abdullah Dibba Sahib who is now the president of the USA Chapter of PAAMA.
The first speaker of the event was Imam Abdullah Dibba Sahib who gave a resounding speech on The Establishment of PAAMA USA. In his speech Imam Dibba Sahib paid special tribute to PAAMA UK President Tommy Kallon Sahib for nurturing him by giving him the opportunity to serve PAAMA UK as Vice President even though he was a Jamia Student at the time. He then recounted the story of the establishment of PAAMA USA and the emphasis Huzur Aqdas place on PAAMA including sending Tommy Kallon Sahib as Special Guest for the launch of PAAMA USA.
After thanking Imam Abdullah Dibba Sahib for his inspirational speech, Tommy Kallon Sahib called Maulana Muhammad Bin Saleh, Amir & Missionary In-charge Ghana to give a speech on The Role and Vision of PAAMA. In his speech Maulana Bin Saleh expounded on the objectives of PAAMA and concept of Pan-Africanism explaining that unity is vital to social and economic progress. Maulana Sahib also explained that unlike secular Pan-Africanist movements which in failure because they divorced God from their plans, PAAMA under the guidance of the Divinely-guided was destined to succeed were secular movements failed.
There followed on from the speeches a Question & Answer Forum whereby attendees were able to pose questions to the panel of African Umara. Some of the questions asked were: “What role can PAAMA play in eradicating corruption in Africa” and “Can PAAMA participate in activism such as Black Lives Matter? Amir and Missionary In-charge Uganda then led the gathering in Silent Prayers to conclude the official segment of the event
Guests were then ushered to the European marquee for a sumptuous dinner