My Dear Members of PAAMA UK!
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.
May the Lord of mankind open unto you the gates of His mercy and may He so ordain that you are always accompanied by the supplication of His angels. Ameen.
The Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as) of Qadian, was a faithful servant of Allah and a devoted follower of the Holy Prophet(saw). Appointed by Allah Almighty as the voice articulate of this age, he is the Messiah foretold in the Traditions of the Holy Prophet(saw) and the Mahdi promised in his Sayings.
By his work, his message and his example, he glorified the Holy Prophet(saw) and demonstrated the superiority of Islam over other religions so that the Holy Prophet(saw) could be accepted as the Seal of the Prophets by all the peoples of the world.
On his demise, obituaries from open-minded Muslims and non-Muslims alike paid rich tribute to his messianic qualities, purity and righteousness. A champion of Islam had departed from the scene and his death was an irreparable loss. His unthinking opponents, however, rejoiced in his death hoping that what they considered a grave heresy would now die a natural death and be relegated to history. For the members of the Ahmadiyya Movement, notwithstanding numerous prophesies warning of his fast approaching end, the impact of his demise was devastating and shattering.
At that critical hour, his most devoted follower was unanimously elected to the office of Khalifatul Masih. The day was 27th May 1908 for which reason today, 27th May, is known as Khilafat Day in our Jama’at.
By the grace of Allah, in the capacity of Khalifatul Masih, Hadhrat Maulawi Nur-ud-Din(ra), navigated the ship of Ahmadiyyat to safe waters fully safeguarding it from disintegration. He was succeed by Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad(ra), Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad(ru) and Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad(ru) as the second, third and fourth Khulafa of the Promised Messiah(as). Their respective eras were characterised by landmarks and milestones and were replete with manifold bounties and blessings.
Today we are passing through the blessed era of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V. Elected to this exalted office in 2003, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(aba), is guiding the Community through a time of great global scepticism and animosity towards Islam. He ensures that Islam and all other religions are recognised for their true teachings. His devotion to God and sympathy for mankind inspire him to serve humanity with the spirit of sacrifice that is integral to Islam. Through his numerous lectures including those delivered at Capitol Hill in the USA, the European Parliament and the UK House of Commons, he has continuously stressed the need for peace. Indeed he has become known to all and sundry as a Man of Peace.
It should be patently obvious by now that Khilafat is not only a very blessed institution but also a very important institution of Islam and unquestionably calls for the highest degree of esteem and reverence. As we celebrate Khilafat Day, therefore, it is my hope and prayer that we, the members of the Pan-African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK, would not only keep this in mind but would also take the opportunity to reaffirm our inestimable and unwavering love and loyalty to the sacred Institution of Khilafat. May Allah so ordain and bless you all profoundly. Ameen.
Yours humbly,
Tommy Kallon.
President Pan-African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK