Saturday, 6th February 2021

The Pan-African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK Women held a Nasirat Dialogue for the young girls within the community. This dialogue was long over-due and was put in place to provide an avenue for the youth to have a relaxed engaging communication amongst them, share their experiences over lockdown and raise any issues they may be facing in their lives. The event was conducted over zoom with over 40 girls in attendance.

The event kicked off with opening prayer and recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Miss Afia Kassama from PAAMA South Region and opening prayer by one of our grandmas, Hajia Hassana Suleiman. This was followed with a lovely rendition of Qaseeda by Miss Tahira Mensah.

The first interactive session began with a presentation from Miss Alhamdulillah Sodiq on Healthy Lifestyle. It was a very insightful presentation encouraging all to be mindful of their eating habits and incorporating exercises in their daily lifestyles.

This was followed by a presentation on Self Identity and Self Image narratives that young girls face in the society. This was an enlightening session with an open forum that gave all the girls present to voice out their opinions on the subject matter. The generational divide was highlighted in this conversation and action points were noted on how to bridge this gap between mothers and young girls so they can understand their qualms better.

The next session was led by one of the Deputy Lajna Presidents, Hajia Tawakalt Ahmed on the dangers and blessings of social media. She cautioned girls on the use of social media by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages.

The girls were given practical solutions on how to address Cyberbullying, including obedience to parental guidance.

During the recess, the girls enjoyed kahoot game with general and religious knowledge questions.


The second session began shortly after with presentations on “Modesty; a part of faith” by Miss Nadia Abdul Haq from West Region. The presentation demonstrated the importance of purdah and urged all present to identify it as a symbol of their faith, be proud and wear with confidence.

This was followed by poem recitation and article on their lockdown experiences from Miss Salma Wemah (London Region) and Mariam Hydera (Midlands Region) respectively. The girls recounted their experiences during the pandemic, its effect on their social and academic life and how their faith helped them overcome the challenges. Other girls also contributed beautifully to the discussions.

Another article was presented by Kanyiri Abdulai on a summary of sermons on companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). She shared the inspirational lives of the companions and urged girls to learn from their exemplary sacrifices and dedication to Islam.


The final session for the day was led by North Region’s President, Dr. Hibbah Osei –Kwasi on Nutrition and healthy eating habits. Dr. Hibbah broke down myths associated with eating habits and encouraged girls to adapt healthy eating habits daily.


The day ended with closing remarks from PAAMA Lajna President Mrs Faosat Sanni. She thanked all mothers for taking time to ensure the young girls had joined the event. She also thanked all the girls for participating and praised them for their wonderful presentations and contributions. She assured them that all their feedback and issues raised will be taken into consideration and that more events will be planned in the future to cater for their needs. She also urged girls to be steadfast in their prayers and be respectful and obedient for their parents. She thanked all the organisers of the event and prayed for everyone involved in the dialogue. The event concluded with silent prayer and members went to offer their Asr prayers and re-joined the link for informal catch-up amongst their Nasirat friends from other regions that they had not seen in a long while.