Join the conversation General Meeting

Saturday 8th August 2020

Online Zoom Meeting

Lajna PAAMA UK successfully held a general meeting open to all PAAMA Lajna members. We had a total of 51 people attending from all 6 regions.

The meeting opened with a recitation of a portion of the Holy Quran and was further translated into English. An Urdu Qaseeda and its English translation was delivered.

Sadr Sahiba, Mrs Fosat Sanni led us in reciting the Lajna pledge followed by an opening speech. Thanks were given to Allah SWT for allowing us to host this event on a day that was supposed to be the 2nd day of Jalsa Salana 2020.

Sadr Sahiba spoke about the importance of understanding the powerful words contained in the Lajna pledge. She urged all Lajna to strive to serve the jamaat and must not waver in our sacrifices in being obedient to Allah Almighty. Members who were working very hard to better themselves were commended. She urged everyone to work on their development in all aspects of life- spiritual, mental, education and physical.

Sadr Sahiba reminded us to pray for those who are bereaved, unwell, unemployed as well as those facing other afflictions; we were reminded that praying for others is the secret to the acceptance of prayers by Allah SWT.

Hajia Sherifat Seriki joined us from Canada to deliver a presentation on Finance and Women. Hajia Seriki is a Senior Marketing Director for World Financial Group, Canada. Some key points she made included the importance of financial literacy to empower women and their households, how finances can cripple relationships and households, insurance policies in Islam, retirement and how to budget, save and invest. It was a highly empowering topic which subsequently attracted many questions from the partcipants.

Hajia Fatimah Demba, National Lajna Sports Secretary PAAMA UK and a Senior Nurse by profession, delivered a powerful and thought-provoking presentation on Mental Health. She highlighted on how to help and support yourself/those suffering from mental health issues: mental health organisations, helplines and websites and most importantly consulting the Holy Quran as a guide. She encouraged participants to look to the example of The Holy Prophet (pbuh) who was an exemplary guide to how we should attempt to live our lives.

Dr Fariha Khan, Sadr Sahiba of Lajna Imaillah UK kindly pre-recorded a message for us as she was unfortunately unable to join us at the meeting. Sadr Sahiba spoke about how much she enjoyed attending PAAMA events as well as touching upon a recent speech delivered by Our PAAMA Lajna UK Sadr Sahiba where she spoke about racism, equality and diversity. This speech opened the door to many much-needed conversations and emphasised the importance of sisterhood, one Jamaat and one family united under the hands of one Khalifa.

The floor was then opened for professionals from both financial and mental health fields which allowed participants to openly discuss and ask questions from fellow sisters. This discussion has Alhamdullilah trickled down to regional level with ongoing conversations taking place.