My Dear Members of PAAMA UK!
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.
May the Lord of mankind open unto you the gates of His mercy and may He so ordain that you are always accompanied by the supplication of His angels. Ameen.
As some of you might be aware over the past few weeks, there has been the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa which has claimed the lives of hundreds of people and infected hundreds more.
With no cure or vaccine, fatality rates are up to 90% especially as the outbreak is mostly in the remote villages among people who are neither equipped nor trained to contain such a highly contagious virus. What is more this outbreak comes from the deadliest and most aggressive strain of the virus invariably claiming the lives of its victims upon infection.
Most of the deaths have been in Guinea but there are an increasing number of cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone. It came to my knowledge today that of the deaths in Sierra Leone one is of our Ahmadi brother and that some Jama’at members who attended his Janaza are now also believed to have contracted the virus.
I believe and believe on reasonable grounds that for the Pan-African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association to be worthy of its name we must begin to show sympathy and empathy in such matters through our earnest and concerted prayers for our fellow Africans.
I have written a letter on behalf of all members of PAAMA UK to Huzur Aqdas humbly and earnestly beseeching his blessed prayers for the people of Africa that Allah may, of His grace and mercy, grant us deliverance from this most noxious viral outbreak.
I have also written to the Humanity First Medical Director and Disaster Response Director to ask what intervention, if any, can Humanity First undertake in this matter. Without adequate training and protection locally, beyond advising the local Jama’ats in the countries affected it is unlikely that there is much that can be done on the ground without adding to the problem. However, I did pledge our support in whatever initiative they could undertake.
Ultimately, however, it is the grace and mercy of Allah that save the day. Please therefore make is a point to pray especially for this during this blessed month of Ramadhan.
May Allah be pleased to grant gracious acceptance to all our supplications. Ameen.
Yours humbly,
Tommy Kallon.
President Pan-African Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK