By the Grace of Allah it has been a very busy and eventful year for PAAMA ladies. We have continued to take an active role in the organisation of PAAMA UK events across all levels-local, regional and national. Below are highlights of the year.


1. Monthly Meetings

National Amla has continued the tradition of monthly conference call meetings to enable us to keep up to date with executive issues, share information and to encourage others. Regions are also encouraged to hold monthly meetings both for Amla and members.


2. Visitations

In accordance with our welfare agenda; a number of welfare visits were made on a national and local level. This includes visiting the sick and elderly, bereaved, new parents etc. A highlight to visitations this year was the visit to Lady Amatul Bayaz.


3. National Nasirat Whatsapp group

A National Whatsapp group has been launched this year exclusively for PAAMA Nasirat-overseen by Amla. This has proven to be hugely successful and is a platform which creates a safe space whereby we encourage interaction on a national level, discuss religious and secular/social issues as well as a place for lasting friendships to be forged.


4. National Fun Day

Our annual National Fun Day was held on 8th June 2019. We made a visit to the Church of Scientology. It was an educational visit where we were able to learn more about the religion and partake in a fun and informative tour. The National Fun Day is an opportunity for us to unwind, bond and relax. The hosts were very gracious and provided us with lunch and a goodie bag to take home. The fun day was mostly attended by London, South and East regions. It was definitely a positive force to improve inter-faith relations.


5. Jalsa Salana

Jalsa Salana UK saw a large number of PAAMA ladies participating in Jalsa duties ranging from first aid, security, media, ziafat, accommodation, green areas. For the first time we had an African sister (Amatul Mujeeb) recite The Holy Quran during Jalsa proceedings. 


6. Personal Development Workshop

A Personal Development Workshop was held on the 8tth December 2019 at Baitul Ehsan Mosque. It was a mixture of fun, interaction and education. The event was facilitated by both internal and external professionals and continues to prove to be hugely successful.

The sessions were on:

  • Postnatal Depression
  • Cake decorating 101
  • Gele/Head tying tutorial
  • Immigration and Community Engagement
  • Challenges faced by black muslim women in a number of issues including employment, marriage etc
  • Relationship issues/coping strategies/self-care


7. Online Quran classes

Regions (London, North, East and West) continued to hold online Quran classes via the use of conference calls. We pray that next year InshaAllah we will have all six regions holding these very beneficial classes.

8. National events

PAAMA ladies continue to hold both important and instrumental roles in the co-ordination and execution of programmes held by PAAMA UK. National events this year includes: Ijtema, Humanity First/PAAMA Fund raising dinner, Jalsa Reception, Post Jalsa Reception, Eid Milan Picnic, Peace Symposium.

9. Finance

This year saw the introduction of a small fund put in place to assist activities held by PAAMA Lajna UK. Sadr Sahiba suggested this fund (payment by Amila only at the moment) as a way for Lajna to hold a small budget of our own to help with transportation, food needs etc. The suggested payment amount of £12 per year for Amila was agreed upon and we hope to continue this next year InshaAllah.



2019 Annual Report

General Sec. Office