After two years of not being able to meet physically due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was with great anticipation to finally congregate for the Jalsa Salana UK 2022 convention. Respected PAAMA UK President sahib confirmed on 29.07.22 the Pan-African reception event was to be held for the first time since the pandemic on the first day of Jalsa Salana 2021.

To increase awareness and encourage attendance, posters were widely distributed and circulated on our social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp along with messages and phone calls to PAAMA members.

Opening and Introduction

The event commenced after the Jalsa Salana opening session, with a recitation from the Holy Quran by Tahir Ahmad Touray sahib followed by translation by Rasheed Ennin sahib. Hakeem Mensah, General Secretary PAAMA UK, introduced members of the head table which included Alhaji Abdul Azeez Alatoye, Amir of Nigeria and chairman for the occasion.

Unity in Diversity

Humayon Jahangeer Khan, Tarbiyyat Secretary PAAMA UK, presented a faith inspiring speech on Unity in Diversity. Citing various Hadiths and Quran verses he shed light on how the companions of the Holy Prophet Mohammadsaw were from different backgrounds however were united by Islam.


PAAMA UK Taribiyyat Secretary Humayon Jahangeer Khan delivering his speech

Keynote Address

Tommy Kallon President PAAMA UK delivered the keynote address. He urged PAAMA members to strive to fulfil a prognosis by Huzoor Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his Helper) which in summary stated Africa could become a world leader if corruption is eradicated. Making reference to Quran Chaper 3:104 “And hold fast, all together, by the rope of Allah and be not divided;..” He noted even though PAAMA members come from diverse backgrounds we are blessed to have the Khalifa as a guide and rope of Allah to which if we hold on to we would be united. He also requested all members to unite in working towards a common goal of making better future for Africa’s and the world as well.


PAAMA UK President Tommy Kallon delivering his keynote address

Academic Awards

Academic Awards were presented to members who had achieved GCSEs and other academic achievements. This session was hosted by Ahmed Owusu-Konadu, Deputy President PAAMA UK, with the awards presented by Amir Ghana.

Q&A Session

During the course of the event cards were issued to participants to note down questions for the panelist which consisted of Amir Ghana, Nail Amir USA, Amir Nigeria, Amir Gambia, Amir Mauritius and Muhammad Ibrahim Ikhlaf Secretary Tabligh UK amongst others. Alhamdulillah there were a good number of questions submitted which was read out by Ahmed Owusu-Konadu sahib to be answered by the panelist. One of the questions answered by the panel was in relation to how Ahmadis could help stamp out corruption in Africa. It was stated this question had once been answered by Beloved Huzoor (aba) who encouraged Ahmadis to get in to positions of power such as ministers and presidents to influence change.


Secretary Tabligh UK Muhammad Ibrahim Ikhlaf during the Q&A Session

Closing Remarks

Chairman of the event Alhaji Abdul Azeez Alatoye, Amir Nigeria started his closing remarks by commending PAAMA UK and Tommy Kallon sahib. He reiterated extracts of Tommy Kallon sahib’s address with regard to achieving the prophecy of Hazrat Amirul Momineed Khalifatul Masih V (may Allah be his Helper), however noted that there was the need to start measuring achievements and also stressed the importance of encouraging Ahmadis in Africa to get into positions where they can influence how states and countries are governed to bring about change, eliminating the corruption culture and ultimately fulfilling the prophecy


Amir Nigeria giving closing remarks

Alhaji Abdul Azeez sahib led in a silent prayer to bring the program to an end.

After the closing prayer all participants converged at the dining hall for dinner.


PAAMA UK Jalsa Salana Reception Event Dinner

Reported by The Isha’at Team PAAMA UK.